043 – Strangers

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  1. ADHadh


  2. The Card

    Maybe this is a prequel to Monday’s comic and this bald guy is the one who shot Wayne in the leg. Rickard’s goin’ all Momento on us.

  3. Luckeux

    Damn does he even have one bone that wasn’t broken left?

  4. █████

    Go Guy! Mess that guy up!

    • █████

      Not that guy.
      The other guy.

      • MrGBH

        Eh, as long as some guy gets messed up it’ll all balance out right?

  5. MrGBH

    Silly Wayne. That’s the only reason Guy hangs out with him. He looks like he’d make a great blunt instrument.

  6. Mak

    Got here through an ad. Nice comic, bookmarked :>

  7. gaboris

    Oh come ON! Seven LITTLE injury and you already get a dedicated number? How many times would I need to fall off my bed to get one of those?
    I’m lazy to remember the number of the ambulances. XD

  8. E. WYH

    Heh, one of my favorite yet!

  9. Reiza

    Laughed out loud.

  10. Atlas

    And if there was another panel it would just be Wayne’s face with a fist in it.