050 – Unnoticed

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  1. The Card

    So guy was once acquainted with a slightly overweight version of Wayne? Freaky. (And hilarious.)

  2. Vahnara

    Younger Guys hair is pretty bad-ass.

  3. AndrewMcWherter

    XD A friendship bassed on a very long mistake

  4. PyroTwilight

    Wayne…you’re not really looking better off if it took you that long to tell her. XD

  5. MeMyselfandI

    Haha, maybe it was Wayne’s overweight cousin x’D

  6. CammySays

    “WAYNE” hats were really popular that season.

  7. Frandel

    LOL I just love this one :)

  8. Moku

    Aw, poor other Wayne. I wonder where he is now.

    • Moku

      and oh look! 50th comic!!

  9. gaboris

    Heh… that explains a lot. :D … Oh wait no it doesn’t. XD

    Young Guy looks even cuter then the normal Guy… I’m gonna burn in hell if I keep saying things like this. O_o”

  10. Kallamez

    I tried that once XD. It worked pretty well, even when, in mid-sentence, i realized that the person wasn’t who I was thinking it was :D

  11. MrGBH

    This explains why Wayne hates Guy so much. But why doesn’t he just replace himself with a cardboard cut out and run away?

  12. teb1013

    I like young Guy’s look!

  13. ReceptionGirl

    Woah, just read through the whole archive and I just love your awesome comic! Thanks for saving my day :D

  14. McKavian

    I found your comic about an hour or so ago and went back and read everything.

    I have found my new favorite comic. This one is freaking AWESOME. I scared my cats a couple times by laughing as loud as I did.

  15. randomdude

    haha ;D another funny comic. Though it was a bit confusing that Wayne was the one talking in the second panel. Especially since Guy’s sentence ended with multiple dots, as if she’s about to continue her sentence. Still a minor thing. keep it up!

  16. bubba

    I’m probably not the first to ask, but why is there a booger up in Guy’s nose?

    • Luigi

      It’s a piercing

      • bubba

        looks like a booger to me. it’s green and it’s where a nostril would be. why would anyone pyt a piece of metal inside their nostril? it’s just silly

  17. Yoghurt

    It’s actually more grey to me, but it is definitely very large and sitting a bit low. There’s only so much that can be done when it is in a small comic, however.