052 – Exorcism

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  1. ADHadh

    Or maybe “inorcism”?

    • Ume-chan

      I like that. “Inorcism”… That amuses me ever so much.

  2. Chris A. Bolton

    Nothing could possibly be more evil than a casserole. *shudder*

  3. The Card

    I hope they at least changed her back AFTER feasting on those casseroles.

  4. BMunro

    Well, at least we finally find a reasonable explanation for her total and unrelieved dickery. :)

    But the Necronomicon? Really? What you want is a good old-fashioned Grand Grimoire like great-grandma used to use before they stoned her: use the “edgy” and “extreme” Necronomicon and you might get her possessed by, say, Nyarlathotep, and then we’re _all_ screwed.

  5. BocReaper

    I seriously love these comics. Once I discovered it, it shot to the top of my list. Comics like these just keep it awesome.

  6. Moku

    well this really explains alot. i like how Frank looks as a preist. and it kinda freaks me out that they have a necronomicon. but at least its nice that they want the jerk guy back. wait…so does that mean that guy is actually a nice person?!! D:

  7. Obsolete

    Idk. I’m used to her being mean too, but a tied up nice Guy is good too.

  8. gaboris

    Ripped shirt, straps and an exorcism? Did one of my sick dreams just leave my head and infest someone else? XD

    But yeah I guess a nice guy would ruin the balance since I bet she’d be TOO nice to Wayne… WAIT since when is that a prob? :D

  9. Kutharos

    I don’t get it, why would you switch the cross to St. Peter’s symbol in the third panel? How would that be demonic?

    • DonPenguini

      Because in misguided modern symbolism, an inverted cross is seen to be the sign of the anti-Christ.

      They reckon that because the Latin cross and the Crucifix symbolise the same thing, that an inverted Latin cross has the same meaning as an inverted Crucifix.

      • Rob

        “Bu…but it’s so pretentiously metal! I have to rebel somehow, even if I don’t know what that means!”

  10. Boywonderslover

    Pfft… poor Guy. Oh, well~

  11. Rob

    As so many people are saying, this explains a lot about her.