057 – Bigfoot

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  1. Skasha

    You know. As much as he ends up in the hospital, I’m betting he just has a monthly tab with them as apposed to a bill.

  2. Rusty Heart
    Rusty Heart

    ….Why do I agree with Frank? xD

  3. Moku

    Haha. Frank is never wrong. You just have to be really specific with what you ask him. Kinda like in the “allergies” comic.

  4. Resxct

    Do the 3 of them live together?

  5. veneciana

    Why it always amuses me so much when Wayne ends up in the hospital?

    I can’t help but laugh when I imagine all the awkward conversation Guy and Frank have and how they must piss the nurses off >XD

  6. gaboris

    Oh poor Waine’s luck. He was the only one to get beaten too a pulp. XD

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