060 – Intervention

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  1. Batias

    Let me be the first to say: LOLWUT?!
    But seriously. I love this comic.

  2. oomu

    I love all theses comics :) very original

  3. Strife

    That was…surprisingly easy.

  4. Verse

    He outsmarted them all, now he gets free candy.

    • Ume-chan

      He was going to get free candy anyways. It cost some lives, but no money. :D

  5. Moku

    Wow. i thought that they were going to try to stop him and Frank was going to go crazy with that ax of his and end up going trick-or-treating anyway with a bunch of blood on him. D:

  6. Emzorz

    Lovin’ the Halloween themed comics. Nice to have something that’s a guaranteed laugh 3 times a week :)

  7. gaboris

    Huh… Frank gave up the thrill of the chase for some free candy?

    WHAT did you do with the real Frank? D:

  8. █████

    The reason Frank gave up so easily was because he already went and got his candy two night earlier.

    Because no one was expecting him then.

  9. Daeva

    Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Even on TwoGaG