063 – Escapee

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  1. James Games
    James Games

    Wow Guy is scared I’d though she’d at least would have pulled out her revolver, and Wayne… well that’s expected of the chihuahua-vampire-man.

  2. RazorD9

    Least they kept cool heads.

    Bet the guy also is the prisons Santa during Christmas even if the beard is itchy.

  3. GabrielG

    I didn´t expect to see Guy reading … a magazine about brooms.
    i love your comic i already vote for you at Top Webcomics, good luck

  4. Jim North

    Wayne and Guy visit each other so they can sit around and read together? I’d think that was sweet in a way except I’m pretty sure Guy just does it in a “I am sitting here ACTIVELY IGNORING YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PEON” sort of way. Then again, she didn’t hang Wayne outside the window, tied up and with a sign around his neck reading “Take him, leave me alone!”

    They must have a very deep and complicated relationship.

    • Cecen

      I think they are just roomates.

      • Jim North

        My ex-wife and I were roommates for a long while after our marriage had fallen apart. Even though we shared the same apartment still, we hardly ever saw one another much less sat on the same couch to read. And I’m pretty sure we hated each other at LEAST as much as Wayne and Guy do!

  5. PyroTwilight

    Hmmm… is it ominous that Frank isn’t in the strip?

  6. Moku

    i thought it was talking about Freddie Krueger for a second. but i forgot that he doesn’t have a hook hand. :-P

  7. Shikome Kido Mi
    Shikome Kido Mi

    … I’m not certain you understand what the job description of ‘pirate’ actually entails.
    Now I wish text could convey emotions better to indicate that’s all in good fun.

  8. MaryFilipina

    This is the most realistic strip ever in the entire history of this webcomic (in my opinion anyway). I would totally have boarded up the house and stood guard with some weapon while listening to the news like them if that ever happened.

  9. TheSecretary

    Is it just me, or did anyone else find it weird that they were listening to the radio. To be blunt, no one does that anymore when they are at home. ;P

    • MrGBH

      I’m guessing they wanted to listen to music while reading, but didn’t want any music videos distracting them. The news was probably a special bulletin.