071 – Hypocrazy

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  1. ADHadh

    All I see is more Guyservice!

  2. Moku

    I guess Wayne and Frank Successfully put Guy’s demon back. I didn’t know there were seven of them though. :-0 i like the one in the red suit.

  3. Completely Normal
    Completely Normal

    Is it bad that I’m attracted to every single voice, including the green one?

    • gaboris

      NAH we got ALL the flavors of Guy and they’re ALL HOT! :D

  4. Icy

    Haha, I see Guy’s seven deadly sins~

    • gaboris

      Good for you. I can’t recognize them no matter how I try to analyze them… then again I MAY be distracted by SOMETHINGS. XD

      • MrGBH

        I think they’re all Wrath.

        And hot, but that’s been said a lot already.

  5. ADemonicPresence

    … i can’t be the only one who wants to see panel three as a wallpaper or something

    • Someone

      No, you aren’t alone.

  6. DF417

    Guy overload! Oh shi-HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHH!

  7. lalliman

    the result of comic 52!
    they prolly put even more demons back into her then she had before :O

  8. █████

    It’s a good thing when the voices in your head are all in agreement.
    I’m kinda envying Guy here.

  9. gaboris

    HEY does the daemon Guy with the knife have a Skyrim symbol on her shoulder? I barely played that game and I still noticed it. :D

    • █████

      I believe it’s a pitchfork.

    • lalliman

      yeah, i noticed too :O
      its the symbol that indicates a dungeon in skyrim.
      but obviously skyrim didnt invent it…

  10. Luckeux

    my voice tell me jokes all the time… except they are so atrociously bad, that it make me want to kill someone everytime…

  11. Sortelli

    Guy’s shoulder angels sure do give good advice. I’d hate to see her devils.

  12. Boywonderslover

    “Maybe Later”
    Best response B)

  13. Tony Kro
    Tony Kro

    I should hope you all hear voices in your head… It’s when you start hearing them in your foot, that should worry you…

  14. Gwyrion

    One of her “voices sure looks a lot like the devil woman from “Ugly Americans.

  15. George

    The voices in my head won’t even speak to me. Maybe I should try a different deodorant.

  16. Smackfilstrupi

    Because there are seven demons Guys I thought they are the 7 deadly sins, but the most suitable to Sloth sin is the real one Guy.

  17. Someone

    I like the one in the red suit.