074 – Delivery

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  1. gaboris

    Weeeell that reassigning can go two ways now. One Wayne’ll follow you by moving to a new house or two… Wayne’s lazy as we all know and it’s over… man that was anti-climactic. XD

  2. ADHadh

    Wait, is this strip early? Or did I miss Wednesday’s update?

    • Drunken-Novice

      It’s early.

  3. afgwqt

    I don’t really get it. Damn, anybody mind explaining?

    • Jonas Christensen

      He’s just preparing pick-up lines, so he can hit on the delivery girl. Which is the reason why she wants to get another route.

      • afgwqt


  4. MaryFilipina

    Wayne was trying to think up good pick up lines for his hot mailperson. Sadly, he failed.

  5. teb1013

    Wayne is obviously sending the packages to himself. Look at the pile of unopened packages by the door.

  6. isaac

    I have a package for you, its being delivered from my pants to yours….sign here

  7. MrGBH

    I think Wayne’s watched Scott Pilgrim one too many times.

  8. Bavette

    Dude… what? d-dude! No! Dude!
    What are you doing, man?!
    Just… fuck… Who do you think you are, Wayne, Scott Pilgrin?!

  9. The Captain

    Thanksgiving isn’t Christian (you mentioned ‘pagan’ holidays, whereas this isn’t religious at all), it’s just American – hilariously, it didn’t feature ANY of the foods we (Americans) associate with it, but that’s where the idea comes from. In the early colonies in Virginia, when The British Empire was attempting to place lasting settlements on the new continent, they were grossly under prepared for the new climate (can’t really blame them, as they had no real way to know what to expect), and during the first winter there was rampant hypothermia and starvation, along with several diseases that were simply wiping out all the colonists.

    Local Native American tribes came and shared with them provisions such as water, venison, and other foods, which helped save the colony and open trading with the Native Americans. Without that initial offering/good will on their part, America as we know it might not have existed, so every year we’re supposed to get together just before winter sets in and have a big dinner to commemorate and give thanks.

    Americans have recently, however, associated it with gorging themselves on entirely unrelated foods and give thanks for entirely unrelated things while completely ignoring the initial event afforded to us by the Native Americans, mostly because America as a country completely screwed them about 100 years later and have been doing so ever ever since, and, you know, regardless of what country you’re in, they tend to sweep bad blood under the rug. =\

    ^ Just realized that’s kinda long/kind of a rant, sorry… I’m a history nerd, lol. Love the comic, keep up the good work!

    • Brad

      Thanks for the noble savage cliche version of history, I feel so enlightened.

  10. █████

    Ashley’s actually been planning to change routes for a while.
    Last month she actually had to deliver a box of murder tools to someone.