078 – Coupling

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  1. Javis

    Is it strange that this made me feel icky:)

  2. isaac

    Send in the clones!

  3. W

    That obviously wasn’t Guy, she was smiling too much.

    • Stan

      Lol, that’s what I was thinking. Maybe Wayne clone got free and found a broken Guy clone.

    • gaboris

      HEY when those two kiss ANYTHING that happens in the previous WEEKS would become irrelevant for me. HECK I wouldn’t care if they became hamsters if they kiss then it’s a kiss and the world is perfect. XD

    • Mr. Morningstar
      Mr. Morningstar

      How I realized it was the fact she didn’t have the nose ring.

      • Ember

        Same. :D

      • zophah

        And I realized that he doesn’t have bushy eyebrows.

      • gaboris

        DANG IT how slow can I get. I didn’t notice any of these till you said them. XD

  4. gaboris

    GAH!!! I wanna kill you! DX
    Seriously! You’d better not tease your fans like that… Specially not me. :P

    But yeah I laughed a huge one so you may live… for now. :D

  5. Moku

    D: D: D: ok that seriously scared me for a second. i thought this was serious for a sec. although it does look rather cute.

    • Moku

      this may seem spam-ish but i feel that something like this would happen if Wayne and Guy kissed for real: http://youtu.be/OjJUUS41h24?t=34s

  6. Mr. Morgen
    Mr. Morgen

    ” I was kissed once.” …but then you took an arrow to the knee, right?

  7. leafia6

    Maybe that’s an alternate dimension Guy and Wayne.

  8. Cecen

    You Bastard! I bought it for a second xD

  9. ADemonicPresence

    is it weird that i could tell from their eyes? these two are wide-eyed and hopeful, while both guy’s and wayne’s eyes are filled with contempt

  10. LittleMe

    Now all we need is a Frank doppel and the world will be in/out of balance completely. It’s like my mother always said – somewhere out there is someone who looks just like you…

    Scary thought for the day. :P

  11. Dante

    Knew it was fake right away, any careful observer can tell that Guy is obviously in love with Frank, not Wayne!

    • Maximilianus P. Ooty
      Maximilianus P. Ooty

      We are all in love with Frank, but comic plot conventions being what they are establish that if there is any relationship to be teased at in jest it will be between the cruel femme in the comic and the doofus.
      Frank can only get together with secondary characters or random humorus flings of the week with very unusual physical or mental characteristics. … Which by comic book standards means anything from an alien werewolf to an asian girl.

  12. BD Brenneman

    I like the story potential of these clones. Now bring forth the inevitable doppelganger death match with chainsaw wielding laser monkeys.

  13. MrGBH

    Maybe it’s the chubby Wayne who Guy used to know (Before accidentally sitting down next to the wrong person on the bus and not noticing)?

    He must’ve lost all that weight and begun dating someone who looks like Guy.
    Or he made a robot that looks like Guy.

    • ADemonicPresence

      that makes more sense than it should…

    • DancingDrake

      Yes. I see the fat Wayne lost weight, found a girl who looks like Guy, got the girl to rob Wayne and beat him up, then purposefully kiss her under the mistletoe while he was watching to make him jealous… next stop a fight to the death.

  14. MaryFilipina

    WHAT THE FU–oh.

  15. KoppuKokoro

    Goddamn that got me o_o
    Sneaky… sneaky person!