080 – Hateship

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  1. Verse

    Guy speaking from the heart there.

  2. ADHadh

    Ok, so that goes for Guy, but what’s Wayne’s excuse?

    • Stan

      Guy’s hot. What other excuse do you really need?

  3. Moku

    Now we need to find out how they came to befriend Frank.

    • X

      A story that no doubt involves several sticks of dynamite and more than one sharp instrument being wielded in a threatening manner.

  4. Thebes

    You annoy her the least. It means you will be the last to die.

    • Skasha

      Or at least the less painful way to die of course.

  5. W

    He’ll take anything you throw his way?

    • W

      That was supposed to be a reply to AdHadh … somehow it didn’t work out that way … story of my wife.

  6. MrGBH

    Maybe Guy hangs out with him because he’s the only one too stupid to not run away?

  7. gaboris

    Meh I don’ care anymore I’ll just say that they got the hots for each other, but don’ have the guts to admit it. That’s THAT no backtalk! :P

  8. Ezio Cauthon
    Ezio Cauthon

    I can name at least 13 “friends” of mine who I can describe in much the same way… And, I know a few of my friends who would describe me that way, too.

    • The Captain

      yeah, I have a lot of friends like that too, haha

  9. Sandy

    Just discovered your comic. I thought I just stumbled in at the romantic moment where two characters grudgingly admit to a certain attraction despite their bickering banter… then I read the archives.
    I see now that I was wrong. Amazing strip, so glad I found it.

  10. Gual

    It’s an aww situation, right?…

  11. Rob

    Yay for frenemies!

  12. BMunro

    And Frank is a friend, too – she only _mildly_ hates him.

  13. MaryFilipina

    Um, congrats to Wayne? That’s the nicest thing guy has ever said??

  14. captainstabbin

    wow…that was really nice of guy to say that to wayne. if course she still keeps her mean attitude, but she said something semi-nice to him for once.

    • Ral Crux
      Ral Crux

      I agree.

  15. Ral Crux
    Ral Crux

    I think Wayne is Guy’s only friend. I’m not so quite sure about what with Frank. ¬_¬