083 – Eternity

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  1. Javis

    This may be one of my favorites!

  2. The Captain

    Every time Frank shows up I know it’s gonna be a good comic. Love that man and his science. Also his dead pan and possible criminal insanity.

  3. Tim

    Fossil fuel crisis? Time to go with modern alternatives!

    • X

      Frank cares about the environment. He’s taking care of pollution and overpopulation at the same time.

  4. Tra

    Omg xD

  5. Stan

    LOL Leave it to Frank to find a solution for the crazy gas prices.

  6. isaac

    It gets about 10,000 miles to the soul

  7. Moku

    i had a feeling that this comic was going that way. but i didn’t expect Frank to use one of Wayne’s relatives. lol.

  8. gaboris

    Sounds legit to me. I always hear stuff when driving the car as well… But mostly it’s banging noises from the trunk… I never know what makes it… maybe cuz I’m too lazy to open it. :D

  9. oomu

    “I’m pretty sure regular cars run on dinosaur souls, that’s why they sound all “ROAR” like.”

    I confess, the “roar” joke makes me laugh :)

    the comics too.

  10. MaryFilipina

    Oookay, Frank just raised the bar on his own weirdness meter…

  11. Mr. Dork

    Bwahahaha! This is one of your best comics yet!

  12. Gual

    In other stuff, Frank will go to hell XD

  13. Gillsing

    If Frank knows how to trap souls and use them as a fuel source, I think he’d be able to avoid having his own soul sent to hell. In fact, he might be able to avoid death altogether.

    • MrGBH

      Death’s soul is what powers Frank’s refridgerator.

  14. Pablo

    I’ve been lucky, a friend told me about this comic when it just came out. I’ve been following it, and I’ve got to admit it’s getting better and better. Couldn’t hold a laugh on this one.
    Keep up the good work, this is awesome!

  15. James Games
    James Games

    Can not disagree with Frank. His idea is very good, and I would love to go with it, if I had the means to.