085 – From Above

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  1. Javis


    • █████


  2. XD

    Does it matter?

    • ADHadh

      Not an usual sacrificial tool.
      A Desert Eagle would be more like it.

      • Reiza

        overkill man

        • Brad

          Overkill? On Guy? Really?

  3. Truths man
    Truths man

    never liked jokes or stuff making fun about god but i got to say that glok18 looks nice

    • CommanderCooper

      Not to be a gun nut, but the Glock 18 would be the fully automatic variant. A better guess would be a Glock 17, or something else.

    • Imaginary Friend Called Jesus
      Imaginary Friend Called Jesus

      Yeah! Leave God alone! You don’t know what He’s going through, what with all His followers being fat stupid Americans and with all those scientists saying mean things like He doesn’t exist. Just let Him be!

  4. Gamerjonze

    Making fun of Frank not God

  5. Dojang

    this is my new favourite strip. frank’s always been my favourite character, this really sums him up nicely.

  6. Stan

    No biggie, he can re-grow them! haha

    • X

      Well, he can regrow Wayne.

      Guy, however… I think she’s immortal. She’s survived at least two exorcisms, one bout of being fatally poisoned (possibly) by Frank’s cooking, and lord knows what else.

  7. Jeremy Balcom

    Wouldn’t a {voice} from were ever commanding you to sacrifice others in its name be a show of loyalty, not so much not being able to do it himself, e.g. Abraham or Job… Any-who I thought it was a good show of Frank’s moral character. Kinda reminds me of how society in general works now.

  8. Alain

    It isn’t God testing him, it’s Guy, sitting up there in a tree with a megaphone.

    • X

      That DOES explain the sarcastic tone…

      • gaboris

        But doesn’t explain why does Guy want Frank to kill herself as well. :D

  9. Woden

    The gun seems to be excited about the forthcoming murder spree. I hope Frank treats her well.

  10. █████

    Surprise twist!
    Guy and Wayne aren’t actually his friends. Simply tenants.

    • gaboris

      DANG! Good point. :D

  11. gaboris

    Is it just me or is this the first time Frank admits that he’s a psychopath? :D

  12. MaryFilipina

    Oh yea, Frank’s about to get old testament on somebody’s ass!

  13. Reiza

    I’m in love

  14. Wizard

    Just remember, shiny side out.

  15. Brad

    Look at that marvelous weather during winter, in which Frank receives his message from God. Either the weather is another manifestation of Frank’s delusion or…
    Frank went to Australia? God is a snowbird?