090 – Magical

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  1. isaac

    Friendship is magic

  2. N.B.

    Great comic! You should really explore more Wayne’s secret love for unicorns…

  3. das-g

    Wayne is secretly a brony?

  4. RazorD9

    But you can go around and stab people with it.

  5. Raven

    As a Brony myself, I have a deep understanding for Wayne’s reaction.

  6. Vexxed

    What did he splice it with? I’m assuming it was a narwhal due to the kick ass facial horn.

  7. roland

    I highly recommend to all unicorn lovers *cough* out there the short story “the unicorn in the garden” by James Thurber.

  8. gaboris

    So Guy’s Birthday is on Jan 2nd? She could be called Silvester then right? :D

    I have NO idea where that came from. :P

  9. Moku

    well if you refer back to “Rejection” you can recall Wayne’s love for unicorns. he even made a book called Manfred the unicorn.

    • das-g

      Oops, totally forgot about that one.

  10. Bunda

    I actually went “baaaaaaw” at the last panel :c

  11. Nat

    eerm… can guy actually ride a unicorn? (you know what I mean)

  12. Brad

    Of course the Unicorn is lame! How else to prevent it from running away from Guy? Frank thinks of everything.

  13. Chuck

    Just read through the archive. Great comic.

  14. MaryFilipina

    the unicorn is probably just practice for when Frank finally decides to splice Guy and Wayne’s genes together to prepare for the end of the world.

  15. MrGBH

    That unicorn needs to have it’s mane died purple.

    • Raven

      And body repainted to a more marshmallow-y color.

  16. Dan
  17. Gual

    I understand you, Wayne! Unicorrrn!!

  18. MrGBH

    Meh, a Pegasus would’ve been 20% cooler.

  19. wallacems

    Deep down guy wants to ride her and poke people with her horn!

  20. Gaff Juran

    I once saw a unicow. It’s almost the same.