091 – Tax Day

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  1. Vexxed

    Wait 100.5%? So he would owe more money than he earns… sounds about right in today’s economy.

    • Drunken-Novice

      Well, he’d only have to pay 85% for the money he made from doomsday weapons. Not on everything he owns.

      • Vexxed

        I am assuming that Frank’s income comes from making doomsday weapons so I believe my observation is pretty accurate… apart from the error in my calculation.

  2. Javis

    I dont make any money out of inability.

  3. ADHadh

    Death and taxes rolled into one?
    Terrifyingly plausible.

  4. MrGBH

    “Applied pseudoscience”?
    But any pseudoscience that can be applied to the real world (i.e. the ones that work) would surely become regular science?

    • gaboris

      It does not work in this place. :D

    • DonPenguini

      All physical laws are a bit like Gravity in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Universe (ie. this one). It’s easy to fly, but as soon as you realise you’re doing it, Gravity will stop turning a blind eye and will drag you to the floor.

      It’s easy to contradict the Universe, as long as you don’t realise you’re doing it, and don’t try doing it deliberately.

      Pseudoscience is the art of contradicting the Universe, and then never trying it the same way again, because it won’t work.

      Hence — not a true science as results cannot be repeated except by pure accident.

  5. Stan

    Money first, consequences later. Sounds exactly like how our leaders work.

    • gaboris

      It’s like how ANY leader works really. :P

  6. MaryFilipina

    You go Frank! Fight the POWER! Occupy APOCALYPSE!

  7. mouseanderson

    The apoc-cow-lypse is on the way. A moo-ving way to end it all.
    heh-heh, it is 2012 after all. Maybe the government thinks that since we are not surviving anyways, they can tax the heck out of us. (hell would be 100% of global saving devices.)

  8. Taurin

    Dude! I just discovered your comic from a link on the Top Webcomic voting site. Absolutely love it! Going through the archives I laughed until I hurt!

  9. Chesh_The_Cat

    110.5 % …