092 – Incriminating

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  1. Javis

    I’ll be the first to request this. Can we see what was on the picture as bonus material?

    • Dojang

      that doesn’t really make sense. you donate to keep the comic running- it’s not a trade for the reward.

      • S

        I don’t think he was talking about a bonus for donating… he just wanted to see what the incriminating picture of Wayne looked like.

  2. gaboris

    PLEASE tell me that was a photo that Guy took when she finally had “fun” with Wayne. :D

  3. Vexxed

    I believe it is a picture of Wayne riding Guy’s pony…or maybe Guy herself. Eh, never mind it would damage Guys reputation more.

    • Jander

      Do you mean her unicorn? A picture of Wayne riding a unicorn, now that would be incriminating.

  4. Alex

    Reminds me of that BBC Sherlock episode… I wonder what Wayne was doing?

  5. MrGBH

    Probably just a photo of him crying in his bathroom.

  6. DonPenguini

    You guys and your silly all-the-same-colour money made out of hankerchiefs and tissue paper…

  7. jjj

    I don’t want to die, I don’t want to f***ing die

    There are sound crawling up the walls, there are sounds and screams and cracking glass

    the windows are breaking

    nothing is there

    I don’t want to die

    there is nothing there

    I see things, people, movement, touches, and there is nothing there

    There is nothing


    what I see isn’t real

    I know that and the fact that I know none of it’s real is what scares me

    I’m terrified

    I never smoke, I don’t do drugs. I hate the taste of alcohol.

    This is madness, in it’s purest form

    its quiet


    so quiet but the sounds…still there

    still yet not



    I need to die

    but I don’t want too

    Something is under my bed


    kill me

    • Lalliman

      ok…… what? O.o

      • Chameon

        Agreement made

        • Blackmoon845

          I think this is someone who isn’t able to get a website to support themselves who is posting here as a plea for someone to read their poetry. Or whatever that was. Or, it could be a desperate cry for help from a suicidal person. Who knows.

  8. A Friend
    A Friend

    HE is coming, faceless… cannot un-see, cannot escape… he is always there watching, beware the faceless man…