095 – Wayne

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  1. James Games
    James Games

    Wayne Wayne Wayne… makes sense to me.

  2. Vexxed

    Wow his parent were pretty creative… or he was was raised by a robot stuck on a loop.

  3. Tony Kro
    Tony Kro

    I went to school with a Michael Hawk… He went by Mike… I’ll let y’all figure it out from here.

    • HitBoxMaster


    • Derek

      I lol’d

    • gaboris

      … I don’ get it. O_o”

    • Bracket

      This should give you a hint.

      • gaboris

        THANK YOU! I laughed SO much. XD
        I still don get the one that was mentioned later. What’s funny aboot “Justin Mike”? I’m PRETTY good with english, I’m just normally bad with understanding puns and the such. :)

        • umop-ep!sdn

          Say “Justin Mike Hunt” out loud.

  4. Chris
  5. Emma

    Haha. It’s like “Catch-22″, with Major Major Major.

  6. das-g

    Am I famous now?</egocentric>

    And actually, thanks for using this idea anyway. It’s much funnier out of your characters’ mouths than in our comments. I really like this strip. =)

  7. avalanchesandairplanes

    I love this. So. Much.

  8. umop-ep!sdn

    I went to school with a kid name Justin Michael Hunt. He went by Justin Mike. Think about it.

  9. hilstad

    Okay, Guy is just a drawing…

    How do you make her look so hot!?

    • trayt

      It’s starting to mess with me too…

  10. Brohema619

    I don’t get all of these name comparisons. Except the Major Major Major. But, I don’t get the others.

    • ninjaquiden

      read the names again, but read them as though there isn’t a space and listen to how they sound… its really quite hilarious when you do. mike hawk, and justin mike. my siblings had a principle who had the most unfortunate name in the world, last name dick, 1st name hairy…

      • Jill

        My mom went to teacher’s college (as in her profession would involve children saying her last name) with a woman named Dianne Sharp. Dianne decided to marry a dentist (whose first name escapes me) named Dr. Dick. She then made the worst mistake of her life when she decided to hyphenate her last name.

  11. Bartman

    I know a guy who’s first and last name is Mitchell. I don’t know if he has a middle name or not.

  12. ninjaquiden

    @brohema619 read the names again, but read them as though there isn’t a space and listen to how they sound… its really quite hilarious when you do.

  13. gaboris

    This makes me remember that Mario movie(I know it was horrible that’s not the point) in witch the writers named Mario… well Mario Mario witch some ppl found stupid, but personally why else would they be called the Mario brothers? Riddle me THAT professor! :D

  14. MaryFilipina

    Dude best name ever! And if you think having a redundant name is unfortunate, I know someone who has a sum total of 12 names, and if she keeps her maiden name when she’s married, she’ll have 13. See what actual creative parents can do to you?

  15. captainstabbin

    ok, now i feel bad for wayne wyane wyane…poor kid

  16. captainstabbin

    wow, i feel bad for your friend, maryfilipina…i remember one classmate of mine told me that some turkish word have like 100+ letters in them, so she might be turkish?

  17. teb1013

    Of course Guy has to include a put down “not that I care.” yes Guy’s hot, especially in her “book club” outfit!

  18. DonPenguini

    Similarly, but not the same, I know some twins…

    One is Ram Vincent and the other Ven Raymund…
    Of course, we never called them by their first name or second name at the same time, so it was always Ray and Ram, Ven and Vin…

  19. Jeremy Kuehnau
    Jeremy Kuehnau

    Don’t feel too bad, Mario Bros. beat you to it a decade ago, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

    • Leak

      Also – Excel Excel.

  20. Gual

    Who cares? Haven’t heard that joke before and it’s funny XD
    Anyway, joke stealer! :D

  21. Another Guy
    Another Guy

    I knew a “Gottfried Gottfried the 17th” that got disowned from his family for not naming his first born son Gottfried Gottfried because he hated that name. Imagine 17 generations of Wayne Waynes ;)

  22. Fausto

    I always kinda hoped he was Wayne Kerr…

  23. Adawg

    Okay… imagine your name is Wayne Wayne Wayne. Imagine having to explain this EVERY time you meet somebody, EVERY day of your life. Yeah, your parents definitely had it out for you. That’s almost as bad as “A Boy Named Sue.”

  24. BrickJAK

    That’s as bad as my youngest uncle. My grandparents ran out of ideas so they named him Thomas Thomas … and yes … his middle name is also Thomas.

  25. Koldacid

    I dont get the blue dot that’s always present in Guy’s nose

  26. W

    My cousin’s husband is named, “Richard Bone” … he’s also a JR, so I’m guessing his father was so pissed at growing up with the name he figured he’d force it on someone else as well.

    Used to have a friend named “Bob Billy Bob”.

  27. W

    @Koldacid; It’s a nose ring.

  28. J

    his parents must love Batman (lol)