099 – Weird

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  1. Elastas

    Clown porn.

    or is it?

  2. xaviara

    There’s someone else in the room…. hiding… wearing only those glasses that have a nose and mustache attached… and ballet shoes

    • Maximilianus P. Ooty
      Maximilianus P. Ooty

      “wearing only those glasses that have a nose and mustache attached”
      Groucho glasses.

      But given the hat I suspect he is dressed a hobo clown, which opens up the possibility of Circus erotica not just clown porn.

  3. gaboris

    I like it how well Guy is taking this whole thing. FORESHADOWING! :D

    • Maximilianus P. Ooty
      Maximilianus P. Ooty

      Is it just natural for you to ship the dumb guy and his sarcastic/cruel female friend?

      • gaboris

        It’s not like my shipping is hurting anyone.(Haha at the weak Skyrim ref.)
        They are the comical couple they can never get together, they are meant to be made fun of and that is what I do. :D
        But okay-okay if a few people besides you say it’s disturbing then I’ll stop. -_-

    • Alice

      I’m fairly sure that’s not happening. If it does, it’ll be because they’re drunk. I’m actually fairly sure that if Guy did come on to him, he’d be scared so badly he’d faint… Then again, fan service is sometimes more right than any kind of sense.

      • gaboris

        Basic rule of almost any serial story is that the main characters must NEVER get together cuz that would kill the excitement in the story. So it’s mainly kept for the closure of a story or the writer has to be DANG good not to let it die. :)
        So yeah fanservice is what drives the story, but that’s why we love it. :D

        • MaryFilipina

          I actually think if Guy ever had sex with Wayne, he’d just die. Brutally.

          • gaboris

            Good point. :D

  4. Ember

    Can’t wait to see the 100th strip. @.@

  5. Dustman121

    Well I guess this mean more blackmail material for Guy

  6. brontoceratops


  7. X

    I was getting worried. We haven’t seen naked Wayne in a while.

  8. Moku

    Well i guess Guy can get more money selling back Wayne’s incriminating photos. His facial expressions are great in this strip. XD

  9. BD Brenneman

    Could the hobo clown result from a secret keystone cops fetish?

  10. Alice

    I love this setup. I mean, I can imagine some pretty strange reasons besides clown porn fetishes that would make him want to dress up like that naked. The fact that he says that, in context, it’s actually WIERDER than it sounds makes it “more disturbing than you can imagine.” Considering the imagination of people (self included) who would enjoy reading this comic… that makes it pretty disturbing lol

  11. Bombosa

    That nose…and the hat…could it be!? Caught while Spelunking, now he’ll never get to join the community caving club!