100 – Centenarian

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  1. ADHadh

    Somehow, neither has he.

  2. Chloe

    Aah, good one :)

  3. Ree-san

    Homeless man in a space suit. Epic. XD

    • X

      You mean the homeless guys where you live DON’T wear space suits? Wow, that’s weird.

    • MaryFilipina

      Know what else is epic? They still make enough cardboard boxes in the future for homeless guys in space suits to sleep on!

  4. akinrok

    LOL, this is great.

  5. Jordan Gonzales
    Jordan Gonzales

    Frank… is immortal.

  6. gaboris

    DANG am I blind or did I really just NOW notice that Frank has his pockets just above his feet? O_o”

    • barrage7667

      I just realized it now too… GO ANKLE POCKETS

  7. The Captain

    Congrats on 100 strips!

  8. UnholySheep

    Am I the only one that noticed/has the feeling that Frank shrunk since the first strip? Dunno wheter it is on purpose or accidental. Or maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me :D

    Anyway, congratulations the 100th strip. I hope for at least 100 more (though way more would be even better :)

    • Ropun

      Yes, he shrunk in height, but grew in width and awesomeness. His posture changed too.

  9. crow

    its cool what them talked about walrus in the 1 strip too!

    btw, one could see how much you improved since the first strip what you maded

  10. RazorD9

    100 years-err strips and they have not changed a bit. Talking behind his back in front of him.

  11. Completely Normal
    Completely Normal

    I just realized Frank has knee pockets.
    I would like knee pockets.

  12. Chris

    lol! excellent!

  13. Gangerworld

    Congrats on 100!

  14. Chris

    I hope your next revist is at your 1000th strip

  15. Bruce

    Hm. If asked to choose which of the two, I would have expected Guy to be the cyborg at the age of 100 (a murderous killing machine type one, that is, not a dorky one).

    (Frank, OTOH, I would have predicted either “unchanged” or “Lovecraftian Horror”)

  16. Maikeru48

    Centenarian Guy = I’d still hit it

  17. Hikaru

    Haha its just like the first strip!! xD

    • Brad

      Oh noes! Already mining his old material for new strips! Has the well run dry?

      Just kidding. Nice work.

  18. AL

    If Frank clones Wayne, why is Wayne a robot?

    Unless of course he just WANTS to be a robot…

  19. SrPilha

    Who wouldn’t WANT to be a robot? ohright, Wayne wouldn’t.

    heeey congrats on 100! Here’s to the next power of 10.

  20. EKA

    Congrats on 100!
    At this point Cyborg Wayne is probably Guy’s servant-bot or Frank’s soul-powered technology guinea pig

  21. Emzorz

    Heeey, congratulations on 100 comics. Dare you to do a 100 more… in half the time!

  22. zeed316

    am I the only one to notice that their is a UFO in the panel frank appeared in? coincidence? I think not!

  23. Alice

    I always find it amusing that people never change, but they seem to miss the fact that they haven’t. Though Wayne looking like he does would draw comment from me, too ^_^

  24. The Improbable One
    The Improbable One

    Brilliantly enough, I had to go through the first strip to get this, due to the link of Google not working. Which made it all the more fantastic.

  25. Gual

    WWWWTTTTFFFFF?!… No wait… it’s Frank, why I’m surprised?

  26. Robert Lucien
    Robert Lucien

    Those of you who are younger probably don’t realize how creepy it is that Frank’s wearing the same style of trousers. .. .

    • Robert Lucien
      Robert Lucien

      (-> still wearing the same style of trousers. … :C will I never type a post correctly?)

  27. Robert Lucien
    Robert Lucien

    Congrats on 100 strips by the way. UFO’s will be normal by then