105 – Buyer’s Market

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  1. Someone

    They’re inside the walls. LOL

  2. Devo


  3. Aiarashi

    Haha, Guy’s so awesome, she’s not afraid of a kidnapper or anything. xDDDD

    • Readingthisnamecausesexplosions

      This isn’t a group of friends, it is a league of criminals.

      One mad scientist, one schizo psycho and… I’m sure Wayne must kill a lot of people by accident.

      • Athol

        No, Wayne’s the person Frank and/or Guy will blame it all on if the cops ever get too close.

      • Alice

        No, Wayne is their whipped sidekick who is so mentally destroyed that when stuff DOES happen in front of him, he locks it away in a dark corner of his mind, never actually being conscious of what his friends really do or the fact that he actually enables them.

      • Shadowsamurai

        Nah. It’s all a dream Wayne’s having… And they are just parts of his messed up mind…

  4. Dojang

    sloppy work, frank. rule number one is never to keep souvenirs.

  5. Chris

    i think Wayne knows that frank did something

    • X

      It’s okay. Frank needed to get rid of this Wayne anyways, the new clone is almost ready.

  6. Marc

    I bet the carpet on the walls its made of human skin XD

  7. Moku

    “So many memories in these walls.”
    and under the floorboards
    in the basement
    in the attic
    and out in the yard
    just don’t go snooping…

  8. Jordan Gonzales
    Jordan Gonzales

    @Marc I would not disagree with you or Frank.

    Frank… We all have those places with great memories… we all have to leave them behind U_U

  9. X

    “… Er, just don’t do any construction work without me cleanign the place out first.”

  10. █████

    That’s the lounge they’re in at the moment.
    There’s a very good reason it’s as narrow as it is.

    • Gillsing

      Ha! That was a good one! :-D

  11. McTwaddle

    Whatever happens with the corpses I have the feeling Wayne will end up cleaning the mess.

    >Daily Revenue: $XX USD

    Awww shyeeeet, please tell me this is even remotely true. *starts frantically drawing*

  12. MaryFilipina

    Okaay, well the good news is that even if a bunch of corpses are hidden all over the place, Guy probably wouldn’t mind. Hell she and her demons might feel right at home. Great deal!

  13. David

    Well, introduced to this site today, and read through the lot. Loving the sick, twisted humour that lurks here…

  14. gholateg

    Wayne is the Minion. Frank is the mad scientist, guy is the dragon.

  15. philippos42

    Happy barfday!

  16. gaboris

    So THAT’S where he had all the souls for his car experiments. :D