106 – The Walk

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  1. member02

    true true

  2. Marc

    why im not surprise

  3. Ana

    I never pass a poor leashed child on the street like that..
    Not without petting it first. GIVE IT A BISCUIT

  4. Vexxed

    Why do the little girl’s parent keep hiring Guy? I’m starting to think they hate their child.

    • David

      You think so? :D

    • Brad

      D’oh! You’re right, that looks like Henrietta.

  5. Aiarashi

    Well, yeah, kids have it so easy. lol

  6. Commenter

    The strips a little confusing. Maybe by having Guy say, “I’m babysitting to supplement my inco…” in the first frame and then the rest of it should be fine.

    • Yoshord

      But, but, that would ruin the punchline!

    • Brad

      Guy? Babysitting? Maybe.

      Considering her larcenous inclinations I thought she was kidnapping the poor tyke.

      • Alice

        I was thinking the same thing.

  7. ADHadh

    Now that’s a million dollar idea.

  8. David

    Have to agree with you on that. I know of two that could be test subjects…

  9. Jordan Gonzales
    Jordan Gonzales

    I see… Wayne is still a ghost. He pretends to walk but is actually floating, the girl can tell, which explains why she is on a leash otherwise she would’ve been dead from her annoying face.

  10. James

    I’d vote for you if you would run on this leash platform.

    • Alice


  11. Brad

    It’s no wonder Guy is so absent minded, what with the crowd of demonic hallucinations always clamoring for her attention.

  12. Alice

    Well… Technically, there are such things as child leashes. For the first time in my life, I have an urge to be political. If my dog, who is extremely well behaved, has to wear a leash because of leash laws, then I want to pass a law that says that all children below the age of 10 must be leashed if they are in public places like malls, restaurants, or other stores. It would save me the trouble of tripping them as they run by.

    • dragoduval

      Im for it, noizy kids should even wear somethink to stop them from making noise.

  13. Slaverstrike

    I’m sure that someone will take care of the kid. I wouldn’t, but someone might. Maybe. Possibly…

    • gaboris

      Oh come on, now why wouldn’t Guy go back for her? :D
      ??: You’re talkin about Guy ya know?
      Oh… WELP let’s hope the kid can chew her collar before she gets hungry. :P

  14. gaboris

    Okay-okay I got it, they can’t get together cuz of their horrible parenting skills, but you really shouldn’t mi… HECK it’s funny so just keep it up. XD

  15. leafia6

    So does this mean WAYNE would make the better parent? Judging by the creator’s comments about how Wayne learns empathy…

  16. likefishes

    I think someone is subconsciously thinking about… having children…

  17. Completely Normal
    Completely Normal

    Took me a minute to get that this was about babysitting and not pimping. Maybe I shouldn’t read this comic when I’m a bit delirious.