109 – Date Night

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  1. Dojang

    it’s kinda fun to see guy dressed up like this- honestly i wouldn’t have believed that she’d take even that much trouble for a dude. MAYBE HE’S SOMEONE SPECIAL TO HER- oh wait no, he’ll have vanished by next comic, won’t he.

    • Drunken-Novice

      It’s as you say, Originally I didn’t plan Guy to be dolled up much, but in the end I decided to go this ruit to convey the concept of the strip a bit clearer.

      • Dojang

        you’re absolutely right. i would probably have somehow read this as a cafe (even with the wine bottle) if guy was in regular clothes. i think that might be somehow colour related, too.

  2. Chris

    Yea, I agree Guy cleans up pretty good.

  3. Megan

    Gosh, my ex looks just like him… D:
    But he knew better than to have said any of that in front of me. ^-^

  4. Melody

    If we’re counting personality, Guy is solid ten, mo’def.

  5. King of Zeroes
    King of Zeroes

    Some people actually COUNT Personality? The scum!

    I can’t afford to go into the negatives!

  6. hapten

    Personality may not count but but crazy does and that bumps you down to a 3 mayby a 4. see go out with the nice one next time you dummie.

  7. Alain

    She looks even more full of angerrrrrrr when she’s dolled up.

    I don’t know if you’re holding a pent-up angerrrrrrr contest with Val and her Mystery Babylon webcomic about Kick Girl. If you are you’re winning, right now.

  8. David

    If that’s how he rates his personality, it would probably bring his score down to about 2. Personally, I’m surprised that conversation didn’t end with him being thrown through a wall…

  9. foggyland1

    anyone notice guy’s hand is in the same position in each pic

    • Alice

      She always keeps one hand in that position in case she needs to administer a death grip. :P

  10. MaryFilipina

    I actually kinda like this guy. He’s not at all thrown off by Guy’s candid meaness. He’s got that much personality at least for me to want to see more of him in future strips!

  11. MrGBH

    I’ve been assured that I’m an 8. If personality counted, I’d be a 15.

  12. subcultures

    If you wear suit its +2

  13. Aiarashi

    Woah, woah, woah!!!!
    If that’s what she thinks then how did she even get to the date? Was she set up by someone else or something? XD

  14. Gual

    Beautiful only outside, totally ^ ^’

  15. WaveformDelta

    I like how Guy gets jealous in the last panel.

    We have to add negative numbers to the scale for HER personality, BTW…