Pub Crawl (Guest Strip)

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  1. RalCrux

    So, Guy is an easy girl! Give her another }:)

  2. DChorror

    @Ralcrux Not the lesson I think should be taken here. Remember, she won’t always be drunk and we already know she has a temper.

    • Alexx

      It’s a risk we all would gladly brave

      • AnimefanDK


        • MrGBH

          As long as you wkae up before her, what’s the problem?

          • DChorror

            Making sure you’re able to wake up before her.

  3. VileTerror

    I’m not sure, but I think the joke is in that Wayne is hallucinating the situation.

    • VileTerror

      Did I seriously just just assigned the creepy-Frank-in-clown-make-up-and-shadows as my assigned posting “portrait” . . . or do these randomized for each post?
      If the former: That’s creepy-accurate!

    • MaryFilipina

      I agree with ya there on the whole Wayne thing. I do believe Frank can walk through drunken dreams as the sober guy offering more drinks.

  4. |Agent

    Seriously — I would not have pegged Guy as a lightweight. Guess everyone’s got a weakness.

  5. Aiarashi

    I don’t know why, but some mean people tend to be really nice when they get drunk. lol
    But Guys seems to be sensitive to it. XD

  6. someboddy

    If Guy haven’t finished her drink in the third panel, then where is that half-finished drink? I only see empty cups and the two new full cups in Frank’s hands.

    • Nic

      well, she DID say she was gonna drink under the table, so my guess is that her glass is still down there. i dunno :p

    • Mead

      That’s an oversight, the strip was done in a freaking rush so that’s why it sucks so bad. Probably an updated version will be uploaded shortly that, y’know, makes sense…

      • Sheason

        Ok, I hate the ending to ME3 too, but there’s a time a place for griping.

        • Mead

          Pardon? I was the author of this strip, I wasn’t whining about Ricky if that’s the impression I gave. It’s been updated now like I said, so now the strip makes more sense.

  7. David

    Rickard: hope things improve on the home front soon. All the best.

    On the comic: I can sort of half-see this happening (knowing Frank, he’d have some sort of inbuilt alcohol-processing implant in his liver and/or kidneys). As for Wayne… well Frank should probably have another clone on standby.

  8. arjay2813

    whoo, at first i thought this was normal and like the one where they give her an exorcism, i was terrified. then i read the description and knew she’ll be her normal, angry self later. I too am a nice drunk, but it takes a few for me to get nice

  9. Andrei Esca

    Serious note: Whatever it is that’s troubling you right now, know that you have your family and friends (bot iRL and online). Most of us (I am guilty of this) doesn’t even know they try to help and just tackle the it solo feeling alone. It makes a small problem enormous.

    On the comic: I am disappointed at Guy. Da FUQ!! I have been sending her text everyday and she confessed to Wayne! Fuq Wayne!!

  10. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Beer is my Kryptonite.

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