121 – Supply Run

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  1. Sliderunner

    I really love frank character !
    he’s a scientist, mad has i love them.

  2. Molly

    So they aren’t American…? c:
    Frank is my favorite >.<

    (what if 2 guys and Guy *is* my favourite comic?)

    • Vincent

      Not that many countries that drive on the left side. Australian or British perhaps?

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        Perhaps they are in the Bahamas?

  3. AnimefanDK

    Frank is dangerous!

  4. Rex
  5. Marduk

    Thanks for putting up the voting link, it is the first I’d seen of the thing and it looks like I have to follow a bunch more webcomics. Some of those matchups are too close for me to vote on.

  6. MarcelineTheGrey

    So they live outside of America? This confirms my theory that all large vans are used for an abduction at one point in their use, this however is a repeat offender….

  7. Jim North

    He’s making Cybermen!

    • mrgalvaprime

      hahahaha lol
      Plausible doctor who refernces FTW

  8. David

    Just use the ol’ jug of moonshine and a blackjack.

  9. █████

    Took me a moment to remember the proper term:
    ‘Transient Energy Solution’

  10. Aiarashi

    Awww, helping the homele… Wait! ô_ó

  11. Chur

    haha! awesome, this strip had me rollin’.