124 – Road Safety

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  1. ChevyRay

    “Oh wait… or was it the one next to the window buttons?”

    • Jim North

      “Oh that’s right, it’s a dead man’s switch rigged to the passenger seat. . . . don’t squirm so much.”

  2. ADHadh

    Ooh, a custom plate. Nice.

  3. RazorD9

    Cause you never know when you need to blow the car up as much as you need to cool off.

  4. das-g

    Featured in the first panel: The second-most useful road sign.

    • Luckeux

      What’s the first then?

      • █████

        Road Sign Ahead Sign Ahead

  5. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Playing with the car seat buttons always made my DAD self-destruct.

    • David

      Been there, done that (fun when it’s the first time the car you’re in has automatic seat controls). Just about every position short of flipping myself upside-down (“Oh, that’s hooked to a relay circuit just in behind the seatbelt latch”).

  6. David

    Wayne’s expression is priceless. But Frank would have some kind of failsafe in there, if he knew that Wayne would be a passenger in his car.

  7. Gary

    I used to drive my mom’s car and not move the seat. I’m 5′ 10″ she’s about 5′ even. Even after I got my own car I would sit really close until someone asked me if I was insane.

  8. Andrei Esca

    Press it. Who can resist a big red button?

    • Hi I'm Guy
      Hi I'm Guy

      I can’t.

  9. Hi I'm Guy
    Hi I'm Guy

    I also like how Frank is just so…psychotic. And okay, is Frank Guy’s father or something? Cuz I remember a strip where Frank was showing childhood pics of Guy, but she always calls him Frank.