134 – Makeover

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  1. Goat

    I bet they’re all back to their original outfits by next comic.

    • Gilotyna815

      I hope not, that shirt has a neckline!

  2. i-Clarke-

    It took me a while to notice the shape change on Wayne’s shirt. Jeez.

    • Erin

      Don’t worry, it took me a while too.

  3. Jim North

    omg, guy in a hat, so cute

  4. IronFox


  5. Moku

    Well I guess that explains why they were the same stuff all the time lol. I hope they continue wearing different outfits. I like it.

    • Guy-fan#1

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Guy looks even more awesome!

  6. Chris M
    Chris M

    Guy looks kind of like a Ganguro Girl.

    • AndyO!

      Mmmmm, Ganguro girls…

  7. 52pickup

    I’m surprised that Frank has a different wardrobe. Does this mean they all live togethor?

  8. koos42

    Assless-chaps is redundant, have you ever seen assed-chaps?

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      I’ve seen chapped asses.

  9. Megan

    It took me a while to get the last panel, but when I did, I laughed out loud. xD classic.

  10. Managarn

    I like how Frank manage to change pants between panel.

  11. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I always knew Wayne was a square.

  12. davidbreslin101

    This explains a lot. People all over the Comics World have those Things living in the wardrobe or laundry. They feed on forgotten minor characters.

  13. Goat

    One does wonder what the thing was living on in the laundry room that it finally ran out of.

    • Managarn

      ferocious gnome, they live off your second socks of a pair.

  14. MrGBH

    Frank’s outfit looks vaguely Star Trek-ish.

  15. Justin

    Hilarious. Now if I could only get rid of the beast in my laundry room.

  16. prime_pm

    This feels more like something Frank would do, I don’t know why

  17. B Wolfe man
    B Wolfe man

    The thing in the room was probablly a failed Wayne clone.

  18. someboddy

    At least this time Guy didn’t forget they weren’t supposed to tell Wayne like she did last time.

  19. Melanie

    Am I the only one who noticed that Guy is smiling? :3