135 – The Conundrum

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  1. Denn

    I do hope this mutated giant rottweiler becomes a regular or semi-regular character.

    • HitBoxMaster

      Keep wishing dawg, keep wishing and maybe impossible things come true

      • PrivateerBlack

        Want in one hand…

  2. IronFox

    Everything’s Frank’s experiment. Even Frank is.

    • wut

      Nonsense, Frank is the result of his parents experimenting.

      • Lain_13

        But how could you know Frank is not his own father? Knowing Frank… he could be.

  3. Digital Spirit X
    Digital Spirit X

    Looks like Frank’s paranoia experiment is off to a great start.

  4. RazorD9

    The worlds is Franks maze ad all in it are his lab rats.
    Though seriously, the dogs awesome.

  5. discb

    dear lord

  6. Yoshord

    Don’t worry Wayne, the you-being-cloned thing is more of a process at this point and less of an experiment.

  7. Umbri

    that’s a really cute dog ;w;

  8. Molly

    This dog has to become a semi-permanent character for fur traffic. (Trying to influence you into making him a semi-permanent character)
    He should be named Benjamin or Charles or Dick.

    • trayt

      I’m digging on Charles. I can see Frank having an intelligent talking dog named Charles.

  9. Smx19

    That Rottweiler’s ‘Oh God!’ face is killing me right now. I think I ruptured something I was laughing so hard.

  10. Neerren

    Too late bud, the furries were here all along ;D Fun comic, hope the dog shows up every once in a while at least :D

  11. 52pickup

    I really loved this strip. The prints are pretty awesome, I’d probably buy the Wayne print.

  12. Guy-fan#1

    yep, TOTALLY nothing odd about the talking dog :)

    • Gillsing

      Yeah, I think the funniest part is how quickly they get over the ‘talking dog’ thing to focus on the implications of what it’s saying. Slow on the uptake this Wayne is not.

  13. █████

    Little do they know, Frank’s experiment actually involved the effects of aerosol dispersal of lysergic acid diethylamide in a small-scale residential unit.

    • eternity08

      A.K.A. He’s dispersing LSD in aerosol form throughout their house.


  14. hapten

    wait wait wait how meany mutant dog’s guy know’s?

  15. Chase

    Well, I don’t think you need to worry about attracting furry traffic. I’ve been reading from the start. :>

  16. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I like the Wayne print. It has both a crutch and a third wheel.

  17. Brad

    As Elan would say, “dunh dunh dunnh!!”

  18. leech

    Great strip, clearly the giant mutated talking rottweiler needs to be a reoccurring character :D

  19. Komik Junkie
    Komik Junkie

    This webcomic is so good, please keep posting.

  20. David

    I’ve been absent from the Internet for TWO WEEKS, and THIS happens… your comic getting more awesome is exactly what I expected.

  21. frandel

    I love the dog’s face in last panel, it really make me laughs.

  22. nateify

    Wayne’s face in the second panel killed me!