138 – Computer

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  1. Michelle


  2. Mac

    Mwahaha! That’s great. Poor A.I. though

  3. Saeed

    I would have caused that machine to jump off a bridge, tied to a box full of TI-85 calculators so it could be dragged to the bottom.

    • HitBoxMaster

      What the fuck do you search man, xD??

      • soren121

        128×64 grayscale porn, of course.

        • Paul

          I accidentally found my bosses stash of animated 80 x 60 black/white porn. D:

      • MrGBH

        Try SoF.
        That could melt your brain.

  4. Jim North

    Stupid AIs just can’t seem to handle all the pony porn.

    • Wizard

      Yeah, well, I can understand that. Ponies with boobs just freak me out. (Morbid curiosity and an internet connection: a dangerous combination.)

  5. SrPilha

    the pony porn should be easy, I think they give up when trying to make sense of YouTube comments… :P

  6. ZNickel

    I sometimes get a distinct impression that my computer wants to kill me…

  7. ZNickel

    On another note, Wayne is hope for Mankind! He can make AI terminate themselves… John Connor looks absolutely useless compared to Wayne!

    • David

      Probably not… He’ll have to take care of them one at a time, but when the supercomputers find out about him and calculate his moves, they’d probably have space lasers fire on him to bring him down.

      Frank will just have to release all Wayne clones at once.

  8. Streak566

    Probably searched Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black doing a duet…THE HORROR…

    • Lor33

      Haven’t you heard? Rebecca Black is no longer considered to be a bad singer thanks to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__HeE6NWmDE

      • Blackmoon845

        I stopped it after she open her mouth. They’re like 13! oh god, what did I just hear. Yeah, all hope for humanity is dead if people like this inherit the world.

      • ZNickel

        I think I just had a seizure when the music started

        • HappilyHorrable

          Sup, king! I see you are here from about 3-4 comics ago.

      • Streak566

        OH MY GOD… I could write a 20 page essay on how disturbing that video was, get an A+ on it, and STILL not be able to express how eternally mentally scarred I am. Those 10-year olds are idiots…

  9. Incuro

    Epic partition joke, though its such a shame, I love AIs…….
    Not sure how many people actually know what Formatting a Partition is though, unfortunatly….

    • davidbreslin101

      I have a vague idea it’s something that leaves your computer nice and blank…. A well told technical joke like this one is funny even if you’re not an expert.

  10. Shadowsamurai

    Guro and CoC… That’s the first two things that come to mind… Or possibly stuf with kids *shrug* Damn… I need to see a doctor…

  11. mrgalvaprime


  12. Gooberandcindy.com

    hehe. :)