141 – Snore Town

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  1. Dewy

    That’s funny, because that’s what I’ve observed as well, fancy that.

  2. someboddy

    “Oh, right! Now I remember why we don’t go outside!”

  3. IronFox

    Lol. He doesn’t look very happy though. Or very concerned, for that matter. I wonder just how bad exactly Zombie-Guy could be…

    • Ourorboros

      Given the amount of times Wayne has been abducted, hospitalized, and killed I doubt a couple of zombies gnawing on him would freak him out.
      To put it another way, Wayne’s best friends are Guy and Frank.

      The host of demonesses possessing Guy would never allow her to turn into a zombie.

      • Managarn

        and wayne is a vampire ghost were chiwawa so i doub adding zombie to the list could hurt.

        • IronFox

          True, everything considered, this could yield interesting results on infecting the zombies with wayne’s bad … genes?… everything.
          Saying “when zombies bite Wayne, Wayne doesn’t become a zombie, the zombies become Wayne” :D

          • Shadowsamurai

            Oh. Dear. God. A world full of Wayne. W.W. Waynes…

          • IHaveNoName

            @ Shadowsamurai
            … which would technically make it Wayne’s World :P

  4. ZNickel

    I have a theory! If you close all the curtains in your house, your house to you becomes the universe. Or even just closing your door and closing curtains creates a universe for yourself about the size of a bedroom.

  5. Zanudikkotik

    This reminds me of Shaun of the Dead XD

  6. Streak566

    If you want boring, come to Chapel Hill. NOTHING EVER FUCKING HAPPENS IN THIS CITY!!

  7. Peter Axe
    Peter Axe

    Actually, if the outside is exactly the same as you left it, the universe stops functioning when you’re not around to observe it.

    If the universe keept functioning even when you’re not around to observe it, you’d notice some changes.

  8. Ember

    Guy is a boss at holding coffee cups. ._.

  9. Belu

    Nice Hangman word, Wayne.

  10. David

    I always know what’s going on in the outside world.

    Not only do I have a permanent connection to the Internet, but my computer table is conveniently placed at my bedroom window.

  11. Readingthisnamecausesexplosions

    Sure you may think it is zombies. But it could also be that he fell into Frank’s corpse pile and all those corpses just became tangled.

    • xaviara

      that is pretty much guarenteed to be the case

  12. MaryFilipina

    Anybody think Frank’s clones are immune to zombies? If so, we are facing a new kind of apocalypse: WAYNES WORLD.

    • Xaiphin

      but if that’s the case there would be reeeeeeeeally big hair styles, and a general lack of hygene… now that I think about it, nothings improved in 30 years, it just got worse.

      • MaryFilipina

        Not to mention a lot of shameless product placement. :P

  13. RazorD9

    Boy I bet Guy feels bad for missing out. I mean, Zombies and Wayne in pain.

    • David

      You’re quite right. Wayne is suffering and bleeding… and Guy’s NOT the cause of it? Must be a sign of the Apocalypse! Oh, wait…

  14. MrGBH

    What’s the betting that this is Frank’s fault?

    • Belu

      Eh, I’d probably raise it to about an 80% chance.