143 – Justified

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  1. HitBoxMaster

    Huh, I don’t understand the joke. Please explain.

    • Bri

      She made him insult her, therefore giving her a reason to beat him up.

      • HitBoxMaster

        Oh. Well, that isn’t funny at all.

  2. IronFox

    Easy: now the following is justified violence ;)

  3. ImTheRedNinja

    She has small boobs, so she set up a trap to get Wayne to say they were small so she could justify her anger so the doctors didn’t say anything.

  4. davidbreslin101

    Is the “dappled with shade” effect done by making Guy and Wayne slightly transparent so you can see the background trees through them? Nice, anyway.

    • Ana King
      Ana King

      No I think it just looks that way.
      If you notice in each frame, the shadows on Guys Hair change position. But the trees in the background Dont.

      • flamebeast

        Well yeah, because the wind is moving the leaves.

    • Dojang

      an easier way to do it would be to make a masked layer (masked to the character’s shapes)- and then lay down the semitransparant leaf shadows on that.

  5. Streak566

    I’d say that was clever, but tricking Wayne really isn’t much of an accomplishment. It’s like tying your shoes; it doesn’t require any effort at all, only a reason.

    • DCHorror

      While true, getting him to say something dumb about you has got to be a little harder than getting him to say something dumb. He already knew she was in anger management, after all.

  6. Aiarashi

    I can’t help imagine Guy with actual implants. lol

    • Dante

      I can and will!

  7. penhellbourne

    *counts the number of comments talking about Guy’s boobs* wow…a lot less than I expected… repsect level increased by one point XD

  8. David

    Guy should first make a call to Frank.

    “Hey, can you get Wayne number 144 ready. This one is soon to be broken…”

  9. someboddy

    I thought violence against Wayne is *always* justified…

  10. Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze

    Silly Guy, you need no implants, you are deslih like you are.

    Did i just said that out loud?

  11. Powlowl

    Hey guy, may I borrow this trap? >:D

  12. Evilweirdo

    IT’S A TRAP!
    It had to be said.

    • Wizard

      It’s a TARP! (Guy always keeps one handy, so Wayne doesn’t bleed on anything valuable.)

    • Cosmic Luck

      Mon Calamari don’t believe in unjustified violence either

  13. Gooberandcindy.com

    A trap. And he fell for it. :)

  14. FuzzyPuff

    Truly made my day

  15. MrGBH

    They look fine to me.

    That would also get me a beating, but at least I would score points for complimenting her.