146 – Simulatron

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  1. IronFox

    I wonder if it simulates punches. I think there will be some punching. Or death rays.

  2. MrTomHeller

    My brain just sorta completely melted. Thank you.

  3. Verse

    Mind. Fucked.

    • Exarion


  4. Jacklebott

    If I was a robot my head would’ve exploded right about now. Oh wait.. crap *BOOM*

  5. Avi

    well, i guess thats an experiment of a third party. it should show what happens when two sentient parties meet themselves of another reality thinking they are real and the other one are fake while both are truly fake and so start on equal conditions

    • DCHorror

      If they exist, aren’t they both essentially real? Course, that may bug more along the lines of original as a thought process, but they’re still real.

  6. Ourorboros

    So is this the universe with the mirror verse (strip 81), is there one for the other side of the door, and do the mirrorverses have their own simulated universes?

  7. Cosmic Luck

    I was expecting there to just be a mirror. Reality simulation on the cheap !

  8. Jim North

    So Frank is one of Frank’s experiments too? That clever bastard.

  9. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    And now the two Guy’s fight…and it turns into a make out.

  10. Aiarashi

    How big is the “room” anyway? lol

  11. Lightfoot

    Soo… one version is going to have to kill the other?

  12. Raphfrk

    If the “other” universe is “near” real time, it would suggest that it is slightly slower.

    The Frank in panel 3 says the same thing as the one in panel 1, so the 3rd panel Frank is from the slower/simulated universe.

    OTOH, they went through the door before saying it, which suggests that they are in fact later.

    The sequence (until symmetry was broken) could be

    Frank says line
    They walk though door into simulation
    Frank says line again

    If that is the case, then the ones who entered the room are “real”, or at least in the faster universe.

    The question is then why would Frank say the line twice.

    • Jim North

      “Near real time” does not indicate exactly how the simulated time relates to real time. It could be faster or slower and still be near. Also, the simulated universe does not necessarily have to mirror everything in the real universe 100%.

  13. David

    Frank sure does like trying to destroy the universe with paradoxes, doesn’t he? So does Frank, it seems…

  14. RBZ

    The reality simulator was activated before Guy asked Frank what it was.

    In ‘this’ reality, Frank told Guy what it was before they enter. However, in ‘that’ reality, they entered and then Frank told Guy what it was.

    The difference being due to it being a reality simulator, and in any simulation, there is bound to be differences from what actually occurs, due to tiny uncertainties caused by unknown variables in the model’s initial state.

    As to which is the real one, I’d guess it was ‘that’, unless ‘this’ simulator can simulate externally, which was a pivotal point in at least half a dozen holodeck-centric episodes of various Star Trek.

    • gaboris

      My brain had to reboot after reading your idea and it’s a good and solid argument, BUT I’d say there’s a much easier proof of ‘this’ being the simulator namely: I ‘this’ part Guy shows interest towards the thing other then cynicism.
      Nuf’ said, I WON! :D

  15. Streak566

    Now, Guy…would you like the red pill, or the blue pill?

  16. Novur

    “I have a hunch that our universe is just an elaborate setup to some computer game.
    Any day now we’re gonna be invaded by aliens, just so that some steroid infused space marine in a sci-fi battle armor can gonna save us all.”

    That’s pretty much the whole premise of Yahtzee Croshaw’s “Mogworld,” only that’s Fantasy MMORPG and your take sounds more Sci-Fi FPS.

  17. worshipthesquid

    Those alternative selves do get annoying sometimes, especially when they scream in the night. I’ll have to build in better soundproofing.

  18. Maycroft

    An thus, the universe entered a time-spiral.

  19. Grolem

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF5ydCDczHA&feature=plcp check this shit out xD video about how god is really controlling us in a video game