029 – Wishful

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  1. omniskriba

    Having been able to articulate this dilemma so clearly in a webcomic though (something a lot of us have been “putting aside for some time”), there’s a bit of meta-irony here…

  2. Kalegiro

    Great comic!
    I wish people appreciated our generation more…

  3. Ivory

    Maybe I should get out of my comfy chair and get some breakfast….. but its SO comfy.

  4. Louis

    Wait, I “do” stuff all the time…uh-oh,I’M AN ALIEN!!!

    Congrats on getting 2gag its own site.

  5. MrGBH

    I want to type something witty, but meh. Why bother?

  6. foxmouse

    Why wish today what you can dream about tomorrow?

  7. zanshin

    Me too, and I’m 55!! :-)
    Great comic

  8. Sérgio

    Man I just love your comic.
    Really funny.

  9. Marchosias

    It lives! That is all.