030 – Serious

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  1. Luckeux

    Nice! You finally have a website! Gongratz!

  2. Andrei Esca

    Congrats on the web site! Glad you finally decided to set it up.

  3. MrGBH

    I’m quite certain that I’m laughing. I may need to find someone to double-check.

  4. mankoneko

    shit, that happened to my mom. we did feel like crap. :(
    still funny though. :D

  5. justjakk

    Dude, love the comics. Too awesome. Question: Would it be kool if I found someone who could make figures of your characters so I could have them sitting at the bottom of my PC screen?

  6. [DJ]

    The pieces of Frank’s past are starting to come together, lol.

  7. Marchosias