165 – Supportive

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  1. random

    is it me or is that guy staring at Wayne’s crotch?

    • Jack

      no hes looking at her tits

      • Deadman87

        Definitely looking at the man magnets.

  2. Scott

    Are those semicolons in the times?

    • N.B.

      Yep. They weren’t confident enough to use a “full” colon…

  3. Streak566

    That was a pretty stupid question…

  4. Wulibo

    I love this comic’s attention to detail: check out the clock!

  5. VileTerror

    Low self-esteem and has a body like THAT? I’d skip out on my Sexual Predator Rehabilitation Group meeting to try and “say hello” the one in the blue shirt!

    . . . DON’T JUDGE ME!

    • Fanonymous

      You sir, have been weighed, measured, and judged a pervert.

      • VileTerror

        “Pervert,” definitely. “Sir,” not so.

    • Chuck

      She probably has low self-esteem because most of the people who talk to her are effing creepers like you, and she’s become convinced that she has no other worth.

      • DustyMuffinsss

        Whoa now it’s just a comic strip don’t chill down a bit c:

      • VileTerror

        “Talk?” What is this “talk” you speak of?

  6. Athol

    Wanye with low self-esteem? I figured Guy wouldn’t let him have any self-esteem at all.

    • xaviara

      +1 :)

  7. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    “Tradegy is when you break a leg. Comedy is when someone else breaks their leg.” This quote, from some guy whose name I can’t remember, very accurately discribes this entire webcomic series. I love it!! Give us more pain! Wayne’s anguish sustains us all!

    • Jim North

      “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” -Mel Brooks

  8. Richard

    Are there three groups of TwoGag’s, each with a different low self esteem member? Its looks like they all met up for therapy :)

  9. David

    These group therapy sessions might take a while…

  10. Jim North

    Hottie with low self-esteem at 8 o’clock!

  11. MrGBH

    Yeah, I have a hunch he’s going to make a lot of money. None of the group have enough confidence to cancel their subscription.

  12. MaryFilipina

    Psychologists must live in mansions. I need a career change.

  13. Moku

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the two other cases had be caused by meeting Guy.

  14. xaviara

    yeah. the red-head is like her cousin or something, and the chick went to school with her in kindergarten and she stole her My Little Pony’s and set them on fire. [is that even possible? I don't know, but Guy would find a way]. Actually, after hearing all the horrible stuff Guy did to them, Wayne feels guilty for being such a wuss about his life, and hasn’t got the confidence to tell them, or the shrink, what kinds of stuff she does to him because it isn’t bad enough by comparison.
    The shrink also knows Guy, and he hates his job, but she makes him keep at it so that he can afford the psycho-emotional protection money she charges him for not doing to him what she’s done to the others.

  15. hapten

    ahh i want to hug.

  16. Aiarashi

    That ‘therapist’ is doing it wrong on purpose. XD