166 – The Evil Eye

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  1. Zargon

    Can someone break out the crayons and explain this joke to me?

  2. King G
    King G

    Think the idea is that there was something seriously wrong with her eyes and she didn’t know it. My first thought was a condition (forget the name of it) where blood sort of leaks into the eye or something (you’ll know it because it’ll be solid red, filling up the area in front of the white of the eye); it occurs due to concussions or head trauma in general; if you hit the head hard enough (most cage fighters probably have it, at some point in time). Then I realized the eyes were glowing; he had turned out the light.

  3. Bartman

    I’m not getting this one either… no idea why turning out the lights would affect her eyes, or why a mirror… not a medusa effect I don’t think.

  4. Nick

    Guy is seriously ill, making her eyes glow red and risking blindness.

    Wayne saw the symptoms but never said anything, jeopardizing Guy’s health, because he assumed it was a symptom of Guy being evil.

    • Lux

      Either that or she has cataracts…. it’s an eye condition that can lead to blindness, and gives off a similar effect to how a cat’s eyes reflect light even in dark conditions. It sometimes can appear that the eyes are glowing. Just speculation though o .o

  5. Dr. Woods
    Dr. Woods
  6. Brad

    Thanks Nick. It sounds simple now that you spell it out, but for some reason I just didn’t get the joke in third panel.

  7. MrGBH

    But Wayne did tell her about it?

    So is Guy gonna be blind now?

    • ember

      It is assumed he knew for a long time before working up to telling her, not realizing it was a medical issue.

  8. agentsassy

    pfff the problem here is that guy probably suffered one of franks expermint were she got red glowstick liquid were her pupils thus whenever the lights are turned off or its dark enough her eyes glow red

    • Razmoudah

      The pupil and the iris, and you’re explanation makes as much sense to me as anything else. Aside from thinking Guy is evil (which she probably is, just not evil enough for the ‘demonic’ eyes), why else was Wayne supposed to think her eyes seemed to be glowing red?

  9. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    If she glares at you really hard do you think you’d burst into flames?

  10. anon

    you trolls are guys

  11. Mortex

    Red eyes=Lasers She shoot herself by accident when he put the mirror in front of her

  12. Houto

    She was hurt by the power of her own evil glare me thinks. sompthing Frank did obviously.

  13. Houto

    She could set ya on fire. She’s GUY after all…..

  14. Jnite

    ^ Well look at that. Evil eye is now an avatar picture.

  15. Ith

    Heh, I like that wallpaper though, hidden ‘shadow’ picture and all… But this comic? Definitely ftw. The punchline, (took me an explanation to get it, damn!) oddly enough, only one of my favorite panels. I dig the second one, just for the pearly effects their eyes take on… with that flat red in her pupils to contrast. (The whole mirror glows with it!) Maybe she’s dead, and too mean to notice. :D

  16. Aiarashi

    How could she not have noticed herself? lol

  17. Emi

    okay, so, like King G said, it was a medical thing with her eyes that made them glow red when it was dark, im sure thats an actual medical thing somewhere, (just like its actually possible to puke rainbows, only thats an extremely serious disease that kills people) and the mirror thing that Batman is confused about was just so that Guy was able to see it too. she can’t see her own eyes without a mirror

    • Razmoudah

      And since the glow was only noticeable in the dark it’s doubtful she ever would’ve noticed herself as I’m fairly certain she turns the lights on in the bathroom when she’s intending to use the mirror.

  18. hapten

    too be fair she is that evil

  19. BMunro

    In his place, if I found out Guy’s eyes glowed in the dark, I wouldn’t think she’d become more evil: I’d just be “oh, that’s Guy all over…”

  20. PoisonHell

    jajajajajaja LOL

  21. captainstabbin

    I see now, the way he has the mirror is to cause light to reflect off of the other person’s eyes making them look red.

  22. limestudios

    When i first saw this I thought it was a joke about mass effect how the more renegade points you get you start to develop scars then eventually your eyes turn bright red. But I don’t know know.