167 – Quality

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  1. Hellspawn

    Her stability is creepy.

  2. ember

    that is… some sort of psychology wizardry right there. Geeze. Guy is so manipulative. XD

  3. James

    The blonde looks totally adorable in the first panel :)

    • Mike

      That’s because after guy and woman who’s smiling looks like an angel.

  4. Houto

    Guy’s just jealous because the blond has tha bigger boobs…..
    BTW, I love the shadows that most comics leave out. Makes it that much better. Hellspawn has a point. I shudder to think what lies behind the mean mask…

    • Roborat

      Umm, any female over the age of 12 has bigger boobs than Guy. I would hope she has gotten over that by now.

    • Ourorboros

      Looks like we’re going to have two Code Waynes here.

      From the archives – behind Guy’s mean mask, when you give her drugs to take away the rage, is a person who is mean because she wants to be.
      Oh, she is also demon possessed. Perhaps by multiple demons. Frank and Wayne actually put them back in because they were freaked out about the way she was after they performed an exorcism.

  5. Clay

    I have a folder on my computer filled with pictures I have that will be shown during my funeral whenever that may be. This just got added lol

  6. Fanonymous

    I think they should jello wrestle for the job.

  7. lazylocomotive

    Who is Guy always texting?!

    • Exarion

      Maybe an unknown bff? But that would be too scary because she had to be just like Guy o.0

    • ADHadh

      She’s text-bullying Wayne obviously. Or tweeting.

  8. Doofus

    Let the record show that I just fell in undying love with Guy.

    Rickard, you rock!

  9. Jacklebott

    Haha the blonde’s sweating bullets in the 3rd panel. Guy’s really perceptive

  10. ADHadh

    You know, for some jobs Guy’s attitude could work.

  11. osaka

    I, as Guy, Refuse to give a Fuck most of the time of my life. Oddly enough, it’s gotten me at least 5 perfect marks over the last 10 courses of college.

  12. AlbeenoCookie

    omg if guy had a twitter it would be amazing

  13. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    Guy, that was cruel and usual. I expect nothing less from you. :j

  14. LauW

    dear god, i love this girl x)

  15. FuzzyPuff

    I failed my module today for being honest, I think the “You’re wasting my bloody time! I pay YOU for me be here and you give me this bullshit in return! I would be better off getting a degree from a cereal box for all the good this is going to do me!” got me flunked. My lecturer really wasn’t very happy.

    • ProjectXa3

      Mad props for being that honest with them, though.

  16. hapten

    fire crotch got a point.

  17. Spire

    Blondie’s so nervous in the last panel even her skirt is flushed.

  18. Sparrow

    The funny thing is, I agree with her logic in a way, because it is actually true in a lot of cases

  19. Alain

    In Sweden all blondes are honest and dull, except for the sizzler I met in Mariestad during my summer vacation.

  20. Alain

    Oops, I meant Mariefred.

  21. CrazedKing

    Love How the doctor is sporting the ( The “Hmmm” Finger Gun Of Doom)

  22. Forty

    I wish people acted like the folks on the comment here when I’m honest. people here love Guy, but in my experience it varies from people who think I’m funny to those who say I don’t understand how to talk to people.

    and it’s never help me get a job…

  23. Liandrii

    I can’t help but expect demonic shadows sneaked in when seeing Guys shadow on the wall (and perhaps to have it turn on there’s a jackass windowwasher working to creep people out)

  24. Gual

    I don’t know if I would hire Guy, anyway… ^ ^’

  25. Houto

    I would. She’s brutally honest and if you do get her to like something or at least say it’s ok then you MUST have something good.

  26. MrGBH

    Last time I had a job interview I was asked why I wanted to work for the company.
    “I’m skint and need money.” Was my response.

    I’ve been working there for 8 years now.

  27. WillowTree

    Interviewer: Can’t tell if moron or genius…