168 – Physical Law

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  1. Exarion

    Ok…that radiation sign really makes me worry :/

    • Fanonymous

      At least it’s not a gender bomb.

      • CrazedKing

        OMG PLS LET IT BE I WANNA SEE …Well….Guy Guy

  2. Ourorboros

    Is Wayne pointing to an empty cloning chamber in panel 1?

  3. Houto

    Probably. Frank does many many things that don’t make sense at all.

  4. Jacklebott

    Only a nuke? I was expecting something a little more physical-law breaking. Or maybe the radiation symbol is a cover for something crazier

    • das-g

      That it breaks atoms doesn’t mean it cannot also break other, more fundamental things. Whatever latter is, there just might not be any official sign symbol for breaking it.

      • tagno25

        It probably breaks all four fundamental forces.

        • Amagica

          It breaks the fourth wall obviously.

  5. ccrh

    I find the statement “If the police come around, Im not here” to be a very simple way to inspire fear and paranoia in the minds of all I know. As for the radiation symbol? Come on! Ive produced more hazardous weapons of mass destruction in my bathroom, sometimes my garage but mostly my bathroom, which require symbolization of the unsymbolizable dangers within. Ok, so I just reread that paragraph and I think its time to get some sleep.

  6. Ghostlily

    Just stumbled across this comic during a random stroll. I think I know Frank in real life. Should I call someone, or…?

  7. Houto

    That device breaks Quarks, the building blocks of EVERYTHING