169 – House Sitting

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  1. Virgil

    Man-eating houseplants would make a great home-security system. I’m guessing Frank has them around incase the police finally catch on to his “experiments”.

    • Virgil

      *in case
      Damn grammar.

    • Ourorboros

      Frank has these plants to remove his evidence.
      Security, sure, but in one of his old houses it’s implied that the bodies are in the walls.
      Waynes are pretty replaceable anyways. I’m sure Frank keeps them around in six packs.

  2. Taylor

    Does anyone here think Frank sounds like Brian Posehn?

    • philippos42

      Well, that had not occurred to me, but I can “hear” it now. Disturbing.

      • Cavemaneca

        Actually I imagine him sounding more like Patrick Warburton(voice of Brock Sampson)

    • bubba11340

      Who’s that?

  3. dicks

    I can’f help but to notice there is no attempt at a joke.

  4. Rhombus

    @dicks, well maybe you should have attempted to notice Wayne’s lack of arm exposed in panel 3. The joke is that the GM crop conference gave Frank ideas for his own work -> the plants he asked Wayne to water, which ate his arm.

    The expectation being broken to generate the humour is that they aren’t regular plants.

    Anyone have a place I can bury the joke I just dissected?

    • Ourorboros

      Leave the parts in jars of formaldehyde. They make a cool, if creepy display when backlit with a neon green light.

  5. Mr_Jenkins

    I bet shin pockets are super useful.

    • RBZ

      They sure are.

      Not only can you put things in them, but it also frees up your hands for doing stuff and you don’t need to carry around a backpack, shoulder bag or other cumbersome holdall.

  6. JSizzle

    It took me a little while to see the lack of an arm. A little slow today.

  7. Houto

    Remind me, and Wayne, to NEVER under ANY circumstances do ANYTHING for Frank. If those are the houseplants then I don’t wanna see the garden DX

  8. Fanonymous

    He fertilized them too. I think he counts as junk food.

  9. Athol

    House sitting for Frank.

    Encircle the building with an armoured company, and a mechinized infantry division, shoot anything the tries to escape the perimeter.

  10. DHJones

    wait Frank is still rocking the pockets near his feet from strip 100?

    • David

      From even further… first strip.

  11. David

    Couldn’t the mutated talking rottweiler have given Wayne some tips?

  12. █████

    “And your damn hose ate my arm!”

  13. MrGBH

    I’m guessing Wayne did forget, until the plants ‘reminded’ him.