170 – The Ex

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  1. Dillon

    Guy is my waifu.

  2. GoDRuStAnG

    Masterful as always, friend. Masterful as always.

  3. Moriarty

    What this guy must have done to actually make Guy fake her own death, or just react at all.

  4. Lizlee

    GOD Guy is a douche… I’d be annoyed if she wasn’t so fucking awesome.

  5. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I was wondering did Guy steal the idea from the TV show My Name Is Earl? Earl did the same thing in once and in an episode Earl had to fix it.

    • cruciform

      Guy doesn’t need to fix ANYTHING. *Stare*

      Seriously, though, you can’t really “steal” an idea as common as faking your own death.

  6. Jack

    I faked my death once. It was hilarious.

    The above is 100% true. Although I did have to cut the plan a bit short because one of my friends was freaking out too much and I didn’t want him to do anything stupid.

  7. Houto

    Lol, only in a comic. I can easily see something like this happening.

  8. Ourorboros

    I’m guessing that this was one of Guy’s nicer break ups.
    Rather than just giving the “why you suck” speech or beating the crap out of him, Guy faked her death. Spared his feelings and all that.

  9. thecrazyamerican

    we are forgeting the last fram where it is hinted that there is some one or thing in the coffin.

    • Fanonymous

      It was probably ac lone from Frank.

    • █████

      Forensic investigation revealed that the contents of the coffin were a barrista who had short-changed Guy.
      The timing was rather fortunate as the weight of the coffin was the only part of the plan Guy had yet to work out.

      • █████


  10. CrazedKing

    …So….I’m gunna be the one to say it?…Fine then THAT MAN HAS WAYNE’S EYEBORWS AND BEARD HAIR!!

    • Spaces

      DN is sneakily revealing to us Guy’s secret affections for Wayne!

    • Uncle Jellyfish
      Uncle Jellyfish

      His face is also shaped the same way, he has a similar body structure, and his hair is untidy. He’s pretty much a Wayne look-a-like, just with a yellow shirt.

  11. Tom

    I heard you can actually hire people to fake your death for you but they’re incredibly hard to find.

    • Jacklebott

      Well sure, you can hire people for just about anything