171 – Something New

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  1. Nottingham

    Nice to see them both in formal clothes… ;)

  2. Scorpius

    First lol i love your comix good sir, any plans for the hatfilms ones?

  3. PoisonHell

    true story jajaja

  4. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    Did, Guy go with, Wayne as his wedding date?

    • Houto

      First off Guy is a GIRL!!! Second, they probably just stumbled across the wedding in the firs place. This is totally something they would do.

      • Uh

        I think you might have misread the comment.

      • twogag stalker
        twogag stalker

        They meant ‘as Wayne’s wedding date’ not ‘Guytook Wayne as a wedding date’ and yes, they would totally crash a wedding for fun.

        • xaviara

          i would totally crash a wedding with popcorn so i could throw it at the bride adn groom when they started acting all lovey-dovey – as long as i had someone with me who was slower at running away and would get caught instead.

  5. Aiarashi

    Is Fred Wayne’s relative?

    • MaryFilipina

      This one strip is better than the entire movie of Wedding Crashers!

      • xaviara


      • Aiarashi

        Huh? o.o

  6. Fanonymous

    She said it to get Statler and Waldorf there to go away.

  7. RazorD9

    Who didn’t see this coming?! Hopefully the sequel will be better. The again, they might replace one of the main actors and it wouldn’t be made until 5 or 10 years after this one and they look older and it just won’t feel the same.

  8. CapnDinner

    Those last two speech-bubbles look an awful lot like sperm.

  9. David

    At least they didn’t start throwing popcorn during the matinee…

  10. Andrew

    I’m grateful that my wedding didn’t have a twist like that, haha.

  11. tbizzle

    I found out about you a couple days ago and after reading through i just have to say you are brilliant sir, love the jokes and the expressions are always spot on. awesome comic :]

  12. Neospector

    By the way, Twitter fails at stalking, you need Facebook. Obviously. OvO