172 – Dreamland

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  1. Paradoxrifts

    What would kill him faster? If she was doing it out of control-freak disgust or control-freak jealousy?

    • Virgil

      If it she was doing it out of control-freak disgust then she’d probably just straight-up kill him :\ In the jealousy case… well, that implies she cares about him, right?

  2. Lidpa

    Wow Guy really hates when people think about her in their head

  3. Streak566

    Y’know, I’ve said that to a girl once. Once.

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      I said something like that in the 10th grade. She didn’t respond untill 12th grade to my advances 30 days from graduation.

  4. David

    Maybe he didn’t pay for Guy’s dreamtime services?

    • Nottingham

      Good one :)

  5. DasJepix

    I’d highly recommend the platinum, if anyone wonders. You get to have whatever dreams you like once a week, AND you get to touch her shoes sometimes.

    • MarkvonDrake

      You can afford platinum! Lucky I can’t even afford to use the basic services from “they who shall not be named”

    • Ourorboros

      He could only afford the package where he could lie about hooking up with Guy.
      I guess fantasizing didn’t include dreams.

  6. MaryFilipina

    Um…reverse inception?

  7. Jackson

    I feel really bad for Wayne. Not the least because he’s not bright enough to keep lines like panel 2′s to himself.

  8. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    How. Incredibly effective. I was expecting her to have Frank make a shock collar or something.

    • Fanonymous

      A shock ring.

      • Anime fan
        Anime fan

        Let’s go all out. An orbital shcok laser or something else, Frank possible.

  9. LauW

    Obviously … Guy is the perfect girl

    • Jackson

      …for masochists.

      • LauW

        I love the girls like that, always ready to kill you for no reason<3

        • Anime fan
          Anime fan

          Bo-bo-bo! :3

  10. Houto

    Wow and laugh out loud. Wayne is sooooo going ta’ be hyper forever if Guy has her way with him ;)

  11. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I guess she’s never heard of an embolism.

  12. NorthFalls

    I’m pretty sure he meant a straight jacket.

  13. hapten

    joke on you he does his best work awake in bed with a image of guy.

  14. RazorD9

    And this is the proof that Guy really cares. Other wise Wayne would be in a body bag.

  15. Dustman121

    I wonder what’s going to kill him first: the lack of sleep, overdosing on caffeine, or Guy’s wrath

  16. CrazedKing

    I too have a subscription to Fake Magazine Monthly

  17. Aiarashi

    I’m glad caffeine has no effect on me. ^^

  18. Beluga

    I’m surprised at her reaction. I would’ve thought she’d do something more violent.