174 – Pencil Sketch

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  1. Alex

    Wayne if you only knew

  2. clapclapvideos

    Thank pancakes im a girl… I dont have to deal with this crap. -.-

    • MaryFilipina

      Oh god but can you imagine the pick up lines if the roles were reversed?
      Dude (who hovers over you sketching for hours): Hey baby, you sure know how to use that pencil…*wiggles eyebrows

  3. NiK

    I’m surprised that they didn’t kick him to the curb, considering his luck.

    • Wulibo

      I’d say it’s ironically unlucky that they liked him so much, seeing as he wasn’t actually drawing him. As in, the one time girls like him, if he acts on it they’ll find out what he was really doing.

    • Ourorboros

      But this is kind of worse. You see, they’ve built him up to be a perfectionist, tortured artist who draws inner beauty. When they find out he will really be rejected.
      Then when Guy finds out she will never let him live it down.

      Your way, the pain is short and ends quickly. This way he has the pain of what could have been – hanging out with two hot women who think he’s great and the possibility of screwing one. Plus Guy making fun of him afterwards.

  4. Bisqwit
  5. Ourorboros

    Wayne finally has a chance to impress some women and maybe hook up – and he’s already blown it before he started.
    And yeah, that is a totally female thing to think men might be looking at ‘inner beauty’. Why some women think this is beyond me.

    • DCHorror

      Hope, I’d assume.

  6. masontate

    I have done this, and the girl I was drawing said it was creepy. I wish I had Waynes luck.

    • ilvos01

      Did you just say you wish you had Waynes luck?

      • Saeed

        He must be new.

        • the dave
          the dave

          must be, otherwise he would never have said that

  7. Houto

    Lol, Wayne finally can draw… … … given many hours XD

  8. Mc

    Oh Wayne. You spent many hours drawing a hand.

  9. Megan

    Oh jeez, this made me laugh out loud. XD

  10. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I’ve done this, but with success.

  11. Sigs

    That chick on the left has almost as small bewbs as Guy.

    • Sigs

      Because I apparently am too tired to differentiate between left and right I shall go to bed.

      • DCHorror

        Well, it is Wayne’s left, so you’re not wrong.

        • Jacklebott

          Isn’t stage left and right wonderful? It allows you to never be wrong about left and right

  12. SupSatire

    I love all the short-haired women in this comic. Rickard has good taste.

  13. Jago of the 7 knives
    Jago of the 7 knives

    On the bright side, the sketch Wayne made of his hand and pencil is pretty good.

  14. baloneyjustice

    Yup… things that won’t get you layed.. Drawing! on a side note, I really wish this would happen to me lately because I been drawing the dick creatures… ALot!


  15. David

    That really is Wayne’s luck…

    If he actually put in any effort whatsoever to pick up those ladies, he’d be screwed!

  16. Jackson

    That strip title.

  17. prime_pm

    You know, that’s actually pretty good art. Drawing hands can be a real bitch. I’ve tried, I’m no good at it.

    • davidbreslin101

      Not to mention drawing your own drawing hand, from short-term memory!

  18. milky

    woop. finally finished the archive. love this comic. :)

  19. Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze

    Gosh, these girls are hot! Oh Wayne, you poor fella, he will never knew what he missed.

  20. vaxine19

    Does the site load slow for you sometimes?

  21. Angelo of Con-Caved

    I live your work..i have been following it for weeks now but decided to comment today…great job

  22. Angelo of Con-Caved

    I am a huge fan of your art style and Strips….I am hooked on it big time.

  23. Aiarashi

    Oh, he’s tortured alright, just not a tortured artist. ;)

  24. Chase

    Screw chocolates and roses, This is the#1 way to pick up a chick.

  25. █████

    Ha ha h-

    Wait, Wayne’s started drawing again?
    That’s kinda good to hear.
    Like he’s reclaiming some hope for his life after that whole ‘Manfred the Unicorn in Rainbow Valley’ incident.

    Also a possible sign of character development since strip #24?

    Or has there just been some minor contamination in one of the cloning tubules?

  26. step

    hehe, I’ve done this to friends :P

  27. Tom

    That’s technically life like hyper realism stuff he’s drawing there.

  28. LauW

    What’s happened earlier ? a kind of sex toys website

  29. MrGBH

    Next time I go to the beach, I’m taking a sketchpad.