175 – The Right Answer

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  1. Nottingham

    Happens all the time :)

  2. Anonymous1412

    Always looking for a reason to hurt Wayne!

  3. Tagada

    Laser Pony: “I have not seen them”
    No blind joke on this one ?

  4. Tagada

    Wrong comic…

  5. ChevronTango

    I can honestly say I’ve never been in a shop that sells a fat-suit.

    • Mr. Beast
      Mr. Beast

      Then you probably haven’t been in a fat-suit shop.

  6. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Wayne your screwed talking to Guy on this one. A damd if you do damd if you don’t sort of thing.

  7. Jnite

    Wayne’s mistake is not running out of the store as soon as he was asked a loaded question.

  8. slash

    I plead the fifth!

  9. Seanm1402

    I hate that question it has plagued male kind for generations T.T

  10. Mc

    Wayne, you’re in a clothes store. Buy something that’s not a circle shirt.
    Also, Guy, you always gotta find a reason to hurt Wayne. Good job. :)

  11. daemonsparta

    there is no right answer, even if you think there is. Not answering is also the wrong answer.

  12. LauW

    If there is a girl like Guy here, contact me :D

  13. Spiderjockey

    Actually, there is an answer to that question. What he should have said is, “No, it makes it look like you’re wearing a fat suit, and it doesn’t do you justice.” THAT’S how you answer a question like that.

  14. Chase

    First glance,I thought Guy was pregnant!

  15. Dancing Drake
    Dancing Drake

    Right Answer: “You look good in anything. But I think the other one was nicer.”

    Always saves my ass :) .

    • David

      That’s actually… plausible. It compliments, and answers the question in one fell swoop.

      But, that being said, she can come back with “But I think this one is…” or something along those lines.

  16. Streak566

    C’mon Wayne, you walked right the fuck into that one…

  17. Houto

    Wayne, Wayne, Wayne. Ya neeeeeeever learn, do ya? -_-

  18. Jago of the 7 knives
    Jago of the 7 knives

    Maternal yearnings coming from Guy’s innermost psyche perhaps?

  19. Guy's "Evil" Twin
    Guy's "Evil" Twin

    Ha! For a minute there I thought she was pregnant!

    • Sigs

      You’re not alone, but I did wonder what kind of hellspawn she would have given birth to.

    • Chase

      Her child would be Damien Thorn from the Omen.

  20. MaryFilipina

    okay that was entrapment!

  21. silversatyr

    Usually “I like you better naked” works well, but in that situation it’s just asking for Guy to kill him more.

  22. David

    You can just about hear Wayne’s gears grinding into reverse in panel two…

  23. RazorD9

    IS there ever a right answer to that question?

  24. Aiarashi

    I’d usually go with “I don’t know, but you look good in it”

    As for the comic, maybe “It makes you look pregnant” would be more approriate. But really, how can anyone look fat from wearing something other than a fat suit or a much bigger sized shirt… I guess Wayne just thinks anything’s possible. XD

  25. osaka

    DAT SMILE, but I think Wayne should have seen it coming.

  26. Chase

    I just thought of a comic where Frank creates a robot-Frankstien monster for Wayne. Can you do it?

  27. hapten

    just fuck him already no one want to beat the same guy over and over again and not want to fuck him.

  28. chuckledarkly

    Silly silly noob. The correct answer is “Oh no it doesn’t make you look fat! In fact it looks like your a glowing soon to be mother. I’m impressed how well you pull it off!”

    check plz

  29. Anjel

    Thankfully my girl doesn’t ever ask me that question….but the few times I have been asked it? “I don’t care. Wear what is comfortable for you.” The general mental confusion of complete indifference makes the situation just go away.