176 – The Bet

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  1. Forged

    LOL you got me on that one i laughed when i got to the last panel xD always get a laugh out of reading your comic

  2. Chase

    It was only 1 hour…

  3. Chase

    It was only an hour…

  4. osaka

    DAYUM Lars, you gonna get the boys now.

    • JSizzle

      I was confused with this comment until I remembered he was gay.

  5. Sam

    Nice twist.

    I wanted to point out, though, that “loose”, in the second panel, should be “lose”. It’s quite a common mistake, but I thought I’d tell you anyway.

  6. Houto

    ‘pant, pant, pant’ (Deep breath) Is it possible to die from something being to funny? Seriously, kidney hurts from laughing XD

    • Twilight

      yes you can, i can not recall who it was or when, but i do know that a old man die from laughing at a funny tv show.

      • Ben

        in 1975 a man in England died because he was laughing so hard at an episode of The Goodies… was that what you meant?

  7. vaxine19

    Wait so does that mean that Wayne is about to get replaced just like he replaced the last guy?

    • Ourorboros

      Lars found Wayne’s friends to be abusive and unhealthy for him. So he wouldn’t stick around. Wayne needs (and deserves) the abuse).
      So no.

    • Exarion

      So we get another clone. Huray!

  8. DHJones

    if both of them are going to be the same sides then they should wear different colors and one should grow out a beard |(
    but still funny through out the strip X)

  9. Ourorboros

    And Wayne drops even further in Guy’s estimation.

  10. grammar_nazi

    People ‘lose’ weight. When they gain weight they loosen their belts.

  11. Kuzo

    I knew it wasn’t Wayne! Lars doesn’t have a bang from his widow’s peak!!

    • wwlaos

      …from his what now? :/

      • uedou

        The point of his hairline in the middle of his forehead. Where it goes V. That’s called a widow’s peak.

  12. Mc

    Next time we see Lars in another page, he’ll be the big lard that we all know. He’ll never upkeep his small weight.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Yeah, he likes Ding Dongs to much. Both kinds.

  13. chuckledarkly

    Does this mean hes going to be skinny from now on? Possibly leading to hilarious misunderstandings and a brief but glowing love triangle between guy and former fat wane?
    Which leaves original wane confused but happier than hes ever been everything gets better for him when she stops hanging out with him but in the end they they break up fat wane becomes fat again because of the depression from the break up.
    Then wane looses all hes gained once guy returns to being his 24/7 friend but secretly hes happy about it because despite all his success he missed guy. THE END (plot in 1min2sec)


    • Ourorboros

      “Formerly fat Wayne” is Wayne’s cousin, Lars (or Lardo).

      Lars and Guy together would not help Wayne, since Wayne wants Guy.

    • Pat

      First of all, two people can’t have a love triangle.
      Secondly, Lars is into guys, not Guy. So no.

  14. Mike

    loose? loose??? Shouldn it not be Lose?

  15. Mike

    loose? loose??? Should it not be Lose?

    • Mike

      Damn the edit

  16. Daniel

    Keep in mind, who says he doesn’t have another cousin?

  17. Jacklebott

    For cousins, they sure do look… clone-ishly similar…

  18. Anime fan
    Anime fan