177 – Juice

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  1. Saeed

    That’ll teach him to walk on the finely mowed lawn.

    • Ember

      Finely mower my arse. look at the sidewalk, all jagged and uneven.. xD

      • Saeed

        Probably a pourly poured concrete sidewalk, over a finely mowed lawn. :-P

        • Ember

          Sounds like a Wayne way to do a job. :P

  2. Mc

    Now you won’t ever get an electrical bill again Wayne. You should be thankful Frank’s system killed the mail man.

    • Colin

      How did the mail man deliver the electrical bill in the first place?

      • Mc

        Clearly Frank needs to do a little more work on his security system ;)

      • Pat

        Wayne pays bills online. He printed it out to make showing it to Frank and discussing it easier.

  3. TheSilentOne

    If Frank’s security system killed the mailman… how did Wayne get the electric bill?

    • Doublerainbow

      If the bill for that incident is due already, the mailman must have been dead for a while..

    • Locuas

      mailmen ALWAYS acomplish their job, even if its the last thing they do.

      • DCHorror

        Rain, sleet, sunshine or sudden death?

  4. MaryFilipina

    so…Wayne lives with Frank now?

    • magnetoo

      Sure, why not? Assuming he’s not a figment of Frank’s imagination.

    • cruciform

      They all live together. You know that, right?

      • MaryFilipina

        What? That can’t be right. Why would Guy break in and steal all of Wayne’s stuff then? And surely Guy and Wayne would notice all the dead bodies Frank hides in the walls….you know what yeah, they are sick enough to live together and have all these things happen.

  5. Llama118

    That new security system is also through the roof

    • Aiarashi


  6. Chase

    Uh-Oh, here comes the Girl Scouts.

  7. Jim North

    I see Frank’s got the new frankPad. It’s like that Apple-made thingamajigger, but causes slightly fewer unintended lethal mutations. Of course, it still has way more of the intended ones.

  8. Jenthura

    Ahaha, through the roof. Very punny.

  9. Houto

    Just lol

  10. Vexxed

    Lets hope they aren’t with Duke or they are REALLY in trouble.

  11. Uncle Jellyfish
    Uncle Jellyfish

    Tesla would be proud.

  12. 1076

    So, wait, does Frank also live with Wayne and Guy? Did Wayne move?

  13. N.B.

    Is it the same death ray he had attached to the death clock from strip 48?

    • Sigs

      You stole meh avatar! Thief!

  14. Sigs

    This brought back memories of Red Alert :O

  15. █████

    Little boxes, little boxes
    All made out of ticky-tacky
    Little boxes, little boxes
    And they all look just th-PZCHAAOOORRRRRCHH

  16. David

    What, just because it drains the power from a ten-block area, it’s still efficient… at killing intruders.

  17. Ahsab

    Is that a fucking tesla coil on their room?

    • TC

      Actually, if it were the Tesla Coil, it wouldn’t function as a intruder-repellent. The Tesla Coil was manufactured to destribue electricity through the air without harming living organisms, so it wouldn’t even have touched the mailman. Even if the mailman was wearing heavy quantities of metal, the electricity would have bounced off, leaving the mailman stunned, but not shocked.

  18. Maveric

    Is this a C&C: Red Alert reference? ‘Cause this totally reminds me of Red Alert. And tesla coils. Big, juicy, tesla coils.