178 – Dead Line

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  1. hapten

    ALL HAIL the Queen of dick’s.

    • Moriarty

      Therere some mistake’s in you’re comment.

      • Doofus

        Not necessarily.

        Supposing he was referring to some unspecific dick among dicks, and said unspecific dick has a number of queens, one of which is to be hailed – then the grammar would have been sound.

        • Arydha

          Perhaps it’s a person called dick but for some reason he’s unworty of having a name starting with a capital letter?

          • Pat

            In that case the “of” and the possessive are redundant.

      • Nottingham

        No, it’s actually totally accurate:


        • VileTerror

          Wow! That link has helped me realize just how much the style has changed. Wow, indeed.

  2. Houto

    Lol strikes again! Guy at her best…AND worst XD just hope that never actually happens to me…..

  3. Chase

    She will be telling the truth if that ringtone doesn’t change.

    • Aiarashi

      Only until Frank busts open another clone tube. lol

  4. Mc

    Wayne, if you don’t listen to Guy, she’ll jack your stuff up. Shouldn’t you know this by now?

    • Ourorboros

      In the third strip Guy literally bludgeoned Wayne for using the word ‘literally’ incorrectly and in the fourth strip Wayne is in a full body cast.
      So it’s Wayne’s fault for not listening.

  5. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Waynes never die, their DNA just gets recombined.

  6. BMunro

    In her defense, that’s seems like a pretty darn annoying ringtone.

  7. Frankyj

    She’s a gloryhole. I fucking hate her.

    • VileTerror

      What an odd thing to say . . .

  8. Boop

    I might be confused, but why is the last panel mirrored?

    • RBZ

      It’s a basic comic panel laying-out strategy*: Always ensure the person on the left is the first to speak, so as not to cross the speech bubbles unnecessarily.

      *For reading left-to-right. Swap ‘left’ with ‘right’ for reading right-to-left.

  9. Javer

    Can I make a suggestion? I think a Random Comic button would be handy, since they’re pretty much all stand-alone strips.

  10. Uncle Jellyfish
    Uncle Jellyfish

    Guy is actually telling everyone that Wayne is dead so she can have him all to herself. She’s just too tsundere to admit it.

  11. mrtt

    I am supposed to hate guy with a passion right? Because she is a total bitch.

    • VileTerror

      No, that’s not right. After all, Guy is ENTIRELY justified in her actions here. In fact, she’s being generous, given the severity of Wayne’s crime.

      • David

        True that. She’s just (mis)informing people that Wayne died, rather than actually making it so.

  12. Saeed

    Well damn, I wish I knew this trick during the days of those annoying Treo 650 screeching tones.

  13. Clayton

    I’ve read through the whole archive and the whole time I was thinking about who’d be played by who if this was an animated series. These are the people I came up with.
    Wayne – Steve Blum
    Guy – Grey DeLisle
    Frank – Brian Posehn