179 – Antivirus

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  1. Matt

    I love how he backs away.

  2. silversatyr

    I want that picture in the background. And a decent antivirus would be nice too. Any idea where I could download something like Frank’s?

    • SrPilha

      recursively enough, I think downloading anything from Frank on purpose is exactly what would make his antivirus try to kill you.

  3. chimneyspeak fan

    i notice your list of cool comics is incomplete because chimneyspeak isn’t on it

  4. Mc

    Because we all know the best way to get rid of a virus is to destroy the computer completely.

    • Master of Dudes
      Master of Dudes

      No, but to get rid of the idiot user who keeps downloading viruses.

      • Jim North

        All end user problems go away when the end user is no longer a part of the equation.

    • Ourorboros

      The anti-virus is progressive because it eliminates the person who gives viruses permissions to access and do everything.
      Beyond all sense, Wayne actually chose to download and install a virus, leaving the anti-virus with few options.

    • Pat

      I think you were being sarcastic, but it IS technically true.

      Now, if you said your goal was to prevent damage instead of to prevent viruses, then I’d agree.

  5. Chase


    • Nekro13

      7… 6… 5…

      • Scorpius


        • Snake Man448
          Snake Man448


          • DCHorror


          • Houto

            -(sideways 8 )

          • VileTerror

            What? -∞?

  6. Stone

    You mean your computer is a spy? ;)

    • Uncle Jellyfish
      Uncle Jellyfish


  7. Evan

    I think I know what the root problem is too.

  8. RazorD9

    No that’s an advance anti virus program. Just needs to be on a larger scale.

  9. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Funny, AOL does the same thing, but not on purpose.

  10. Ourorboros

    I just don’t buy Frank as the type to warn Wayne. He’d let the anti-virus do its job.

    • DCHorror

      Maybe it’s the imposter Frank who lost his glasses…

  11. Anders Backlund

    Hahaha! Den här serien är riktigt jävla rolig – och snygg dessutom!

    • Sigs

      Shoo you evil swede!

  12. David

    If more computers had that kind of AV program (particularly some of the people my dad knows…), I’d say it’d just initiate a robot revolution.

  13. Houto

    Rule number 1, 2, 3 and all the rest: NEVER download anything from Frank unless you know exactly what it does and even then be cautious.

    • Anime fan
      Anime fan

      If you download it from Frank it will: Destroy the world, explode, catch fire, mutate, raise the dead, prepare political coues, set fire to the atmoshpere, bring all produce in the vicinity to life, etc.
      If you know what it does: It will still do the afore mentioned and it’s your fault.

      • Houto

        LMFAO XD

      • Moiseyev Trueden
        Moiseyev Trueden

        You say that like it’s a BAD thing… it would eliminate so much of the chaos that we have to put up with on a daily basis.

  14. MaryFilipina

    “No Mr. Wayne, I expect your laptop to die”
    Frank would make a badass Bond Villain.