180 – The Day After The Day

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  1. TheSilentOne

    Pop Quiz: What does Wayne’s toe tag say?

    • Jasa

      Wyane Wyane Wyane

      • Jenthura

        Eh, It’s ‘Wayne’ three times, but close enough.

  2. Lulu

    looks like Guy got a wardrobe change here!!

  3. Jeesus

    It is summer after all.

  4. Todes Jager
    Todes Jager

    Roll on the Zombie Apocalypse!

  5. GrammarNazi

    It’s fare, not fair.

  6. vaxine19

    It’s perfectly fair. Plus you might have trouble if it’s a quarter. At least I hope….

  7. Chase

    Wayne only one shot of rum that night.

  8. Mc

    Wayne, you should never get drunk again.

  9. Mundofeliz

    It’s fair because he is planing to buy one! He has a lot of money :D

  10. █████

    “If I’d gotten a penny for every time I’ve been pronounced dead, I could actually afford the fare across river styx.”

    So…three times then?

  11. MaryFilipina

    Let’s hope a new clone hasn’t been activated yet or we’re gonna have a Sam Rockwell “Moon” crisis.

  12. Saeed

    It ain’t a party until you almost die.

  13. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    I want two of whatever, Wayne was drinking.

    • Houto

      Indeed. Wayne should try to stay awake more though……..

  14. Snake Man448
    Snake Man448

    There is the dark implication that the other guests and the host in particular are truamatised from a guest apparantly dying.

  15. Houto

    Frank put to much into him to just die from alcohol poisoning. Thats why he woke up after dieing. Reboot maybe?

  16. VPM

    Did Guy just steal Franks coffee? Does she dare drink anything he’s concocted?