184 – Forever

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  1. Houto

    Lol. Now he will see the end of all EVERYTHING! Must be boring as all hell…

  2. Streak566

    C’mon, it’s Wayne! He should be able to entertain himself with a paperclip and a tube of toothpaste…

    • someboddy

      And where exactly is he supposed to be keeping said paperclip and toothpase?

      • Beluga

        In his beard.

        • HitBoxMaster

          I would had said “anus” or “boothole” but your is good too xD

  3. Kvakva

    I want to be immortal.

  4. Chris

    it reminds me of Skip in his dream world

  5. isaac

    That is one epic beard

  6. Cavemaneca

    Does this mean Wayne won’t die in any more comics?

    • Exarion

      No. Just this clone won’t die in any strip. The next strip Wayne will be another clone. :D

    • Rob

      I think we have to begin to accept that these comics don’t form a canon.

      • DCHorror

        But what fun is that?

  7. Yoshord

    And here I was thinking that having an infinite array of clones was a type of immortality.

    • Aiarashi

      It is. But it’s not the same. xD

    • Blackout

      Cloning is genetic immortality, while this is personal immortality. Consider a situation where you’re cloned, your memories are uploaded to the clone’s brain, then you’re killed. The clone is still alive, but YOU are dead.

      • Airedar

        Except that you’d still be very much alive. If your clone is functionally identical and has all the same memories, that clone is you. So there are two of you until one dies, or is killed as you mentioned.

        So it IS immortality, as you won’t notice unless you are made aware (as Wayne so aptly showed) and every clone is exactly the same as you are at the moment your memories are dragged over. The clone may not have experienced the memories it has, but it has the memories, and as such can’t tell the difference.

        Science is kind of scary, huh?

  8. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Immortal would be awful living beyond the human race and then beyond the end of our Galaxy then finally to the end of the Universe.

    • ijffdrie

      Eh, as long as time is destroyed along with the universe, it wouldn’t be too bad.

      • Decryptist

        Time can’t be destroyed.
        Its only a concept, it doesn’t really exist, it was our way of naming the order by which things continued.

        • DustyMuffinsss

          OR IS IT?!

          • Sigrther


        • alphatroll

          Well, I’m glad somebody figured that out! Really I don’t know why people bother with silly LHCs & stuff when all the answers are on the internet already.

          • Moriarty

            I don’t think you understood what this was all about. At all.

        • ijffdrie

          Then let me rephrase: As long as our perspective on the order of things is no longer valid.

  9. Master of Dudes
    Master of Dudes

    Why do people keep thinking that there is any continuity in this comic?

    • Keenan

      All of these comics take place in the same established canon.

      • Rob

        I don’t think they are a canon. The characters are established, in ways. Their interest, their habits, their personalities, but the fact that there are a number of Wayne clones doesn’t seem to be true in any of the strips but the one it appears in, for example. I don’t think these characters are supposed to have fought through multiple zombie apocalypses either. I don’t think they actually wear the same outfits all of the time just because there was “something” living in “the laundry room.” In fact, something as simple as which characters (if any) live together changes from strip to strip.

        • Ourorboros

          It is much funnier if everything is canon, sometimes living together, sometimes not.
          At least two apocolypses, one certainly created by Frank.

          Besides, there are at least two brick jokes.

          • alphatroll

            A series of running gags is not a continuity.

          • Rob

            In some ways it can be funnier, and I guess I shouldn’t tell you how to read it (whatever makes you happy), but you can’t take it ALL as canon. Number 19, for example, establishes that Guy and Wayne are both figments of Frank’s imagination, and all of his neat inventions, interactions with aliens, gunfights, murders, etc. would probably be in his imagination as well, if we take it all as canon.

          • DCHorror

            That’s actually a better argument for everything being in canon than not. What better way to show everything changes at a whim than to say that the guy making it up is making it up as he goes along?

        • MTGradwell

          I think the immediately preceding strip is intended to explain the apparent discontinuities. It’s all down to the Temporal Quantum Flux Dice.

    • Sabreur

      They are continuous – they’re just all happening in parallel realities. The Mayan apocalypse occurs when all the realities happen simultaneously and the universe implodes.

  10. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    You need everlasting scissors if you go for immortality.

  11. Chase

    Well,at least he’s free from Guy’s ass kicking.

    • crow

      dont be sure
      to where its conected his beard?, probably his house in earth, and highly probable, guy will wait in there for him back, when she whant kick his ass

  12. Ourorboros

    If Frank, FRANK! (that’s in italics, bold print, underlined, and larger font size) is asking you to rethink something, then back out.

    • DCHorror

      Even if it might be an experiment in suggestibility.

  13. Ostiniatoze

    Immortality is one thing, but how is he growing that beard?

    • RBZ

      More importantly, how is he able to trim his moustache and eyebrows?

  14. Jacklebott

    This is why I hate being immortal

  15. MistyT

    May seem horrible to say, but I’d still do it xD I’d rather like drifting in space for a lifetime or two. Who knows, he’ll prob’ly get picked up by some aliens x3

    Horrible to watch everyone die; but at least you wouldn’t die of illness or anything and accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of :l

    Also, Dat BEARD

    • Sigs

      Have you even considered how vast the universe is? And depending on the speed he’s traveling with it’s more likely he would drift for several million lifetimes before he got anywhere NEAR a star, let alone a planet. He could be sucked into a black hole, crash onto a desert planet or worse be caught inside a gas giant, where he would remain until that planet was destroyed, then he would drift again. And the odds of landing on a planet, let alone a planet with life, even more unlikely civilized life would be closer to infinity vs 0.0000001. That and if he drifted out of our galaxy into intergalactic space, he could be so far from everything that even galaxies would be just small dots in the infinite darkness around him.

      I am rambling, but my point is. Give me a clean death any day instead of this fate :P

  16. Blackmoon845

    The eternal question to accompany immortality, is of course, eternal youth, or no? If eternal youth, not as bad as if you’re stuck a dried up old man for billions of years while you wait for everything in all existence to compress back upon itself in a reverse big bang.

  17. MaryFilipina

    Soo..this makes Wayne the ultimate omega and thus alpha of Mankind, making him god…and inevitably (out of boredom) thus creating another world in his image! WAYNE’S WORLD! Totally called it!

  18. Rex

    how can he sigh without air?

    • Sigurther

      He’s been holding that breath since the last planet or stellar gas cloud he passed.

    • Rob

      Saving it, waiting for just the right time to sigh. He’s got a lot of time on his hands now, a infinite amount to spend crafting perfect little moments, perfect collages of thought, memory, and backtrop. Infinite time contemplating the artistic symbolism of one man’s struggle against the whole universe.

      Or maybe he just got tired of holding it.

  19. Anime fan
    Anime fan

    My only guess is that, Frank finally destabilized the planet and killed everyone but, Wayne. Who shall land on an alien planet and proclaim himself Father Time.

  20. David

    If you are prepared to distance yourself from all human interactions, then immortality might not be so bad. Plus if you are immortal and invulnerable, then maybe a space trip would be in order…

    I’d give it a go.

  21. hapten

    don’t seem that bad

  22. █████


    …I really should’ve taken that immortality serum.

  23. Matthew

    I’m pretty sure immortality still requires you to eat, breathe, and sleep.
    So I’m pretty sure this would never happen in real life.

    • scott

      It depends on the type of immortality. According to tvtropes there are up to 12 different kinds of immortality.

  24. Hi I'm Guy
    Hi I'm Guy

    Leave it to Wayne to wander around space naked for all eternity.

    • Mizu

      I was thinking about that, I figure while Wayne’s body is immortal, his clothes are not, so eventually whatever clothes he wears will degrade and crumble with age and I don’t see any clothing shops in space.