186 – Layers

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  1. Forecaster

    I’m too inceptioned to tell if that is clever or not…


  2. mgpo222

    That’s like “Misery” by Stephen King.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Reading “Misery” is like misery, by Steven King.

    • Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust

      The book the dudes was writing in “Misery” didn’t have any writers in it, though. Just Misery Chastain and her two loves, plus adventures.

  3. Snake Man448
    Snake Man448

    So, Wayne is the creator of the comic that features his own life, whilst actually living in the comic and is also a figment of Franks brain and- oh dear, my brain’s melting…

    • DCHorror

      Frank is a figment of his imagination’s imagination.

      • Chase

        From this, I now believe Rickard is a god.

        • MaryFilipina

          Yes I agree. I literally feel like a part of consciousness has been burned away after reading this strip…

  4. quyman

    QUICK!!! give him the kick!!

  5. arthour

    Been, reading a while and this is my first comment:

    Lol :)

  6. Leak

    Might I suggest you watch Inception, then? It’s better than the memes floating about… :)

  7. Bill

    God giveth, and Guy taketh away! ;)

  8. Odd

    From the title, I could have been sure that Frank had invented a gadget to turn on and off photoshop layers in “the real world” resulting in unfinished hilarity.

  9. MC

    Oh, so Wayne made the comic/story of his own life which evidently involves a lot of the stories with him getting hurt or something bad happening on his side.

  10. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    He wrote it so well that it became a simulacrum of his universe, and then he destroyed it?

  11. MangaEngel

    We need to go deeper ಠ_ಠ

  12. Rex

    recursion. not inception. this is recursion.

  13. N.B.

    I read the title as lawyers and, at first, didn’t understand jackshit. It’s funny how your brain scrambles when you prepare him for something different to what he receives…

  14. Tom

    Your ability of self mockery is inspirational.

  15. David

    That’s why you don’t use Franks’ multi-dimensional paper to write a story based on yourself.

    It would have been messy if he’d thrown it into the fan…

  16. Paul

    So meta.

  17. MTGradwell

    I worked out how you were able to get the corner of the comic strip to char. It’s because it’s a part of the screen, and you have full control over screen contents, right? It isn’t really charred, it just looks like it is.

    But then, how did you manage the charring at the corner of my field of vision? That isn’t a part of the screen. I’m totally baffled. How is it done?

  18. Slaign

    I don’t think the singe is trying to say Wayne is the creator of his own universe like some are interpreting it to be.

    I think it’s simply representing a writer with writer’s block (Rickard), burning a comic he wrote about a writer with writer’s block (Wayne), who is burning a story he wrote about a writer with writer’s block, who wrote a story about a writer with writer’s block.

    It’s funny how after you write a word that many times it somehow starts to look wrong.

    • das-g

      Ha! But that last writer there, the one whose story was written by a writer that Wayne wrote about … you probably thing he’d be the innermost Matryoshka, don’t you?

      He isn’t. It’s Richard again.

  19. Rob

    I read this in a rush the other day, and I was all like, “meh.”

    But reading it again today, not in a rush, I actually noticed the corner. I’m sorry, Rickard Jonasson, for thinking you were anything but a genius.

  20. Ophig

    Did we uh. . . miss a strip yesterday O_o?