188 – Problem Solver

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  1. MC

    Nice Tie Wayne UuU And I don’t think Wayne is smart enough to understand you Frank :/

  2. Chase

    What’s going on? Is Wayne gonna die or some shit?

    • furubatsu

      I think when Wayne said “I think I solved the problem but he keeps coming back” Frank thought Wayne tried to kill his boss, Frank being the good friend he is was giving out pointers

  3. Mr. Beast
    Mr. Beast


    • MaryFilipina

      Double tap, Wayne. Always double tap.

  4. Demorid

    Frank is seriously scary at this point

    • Ourorboros

      Um, Frank may be a serial killer or have used large amounts of homeless for experiments. He harvests souls for fuel. Frank is so badass that aliens hire him to design their new ships and if they want to get back at him for probing them they target his associates instead of taking him on directly.

      I’m just questioning the “at this point” part.

  5. RageingAngel

    I just laughed so hard at this, the way you handle assumptions in this comic is sublime.

    • magnetoo

      Agreed. It’s remarkable how those question marks can so clearly convey two entirely different tones of question.

  6. Houto

    Good joke. Not as good as team marriage. Still, Wayne has that silly green circle on almost everything doesn’t he? Also in this one I think Wayne might suspect Frank of something. Time to kill it and use clone WWW:1135498 (That’s how many models have been made XD)

  7. BMunro

    “returns worse than ever?”
    “harder than you think?”

    I dunno what others may think of the implications, but now I’m imagining Frank working for Jason or maybe Michael Myers. :)

    • Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory

      I think you may have their relationship backwards, Frank doesn’t work for anybody.

  8. Nestor

    Is Guy short for Guynevere?

    • MC

      I think it’s just Guy since that is her nickname.

  9. RazorD9

    Hmm, will keep that in mind during my next quarterly review.

  10. Kira

    Damn it, this is so funny but I can’t share it on Facebook, because people who don’t know Frank won’t understand :D

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Then you need to link them all. 188 status updates of twogag.

  11. LauW

    Hey, nice Tie :)

  12. random

    your comics keep getting better and better im loving these murder jokes you have been doing lately

  13. lancerusso


  14. Mister Brown
    Mister Brown

    So I read everything.

    Pretty good webcomic. Will come back. The jokes are funny even if they don’t always make me chuckle. The ambiguity of the identity of the characters is interesting. My favorite is the aliens getting probed getting revenge by aducting Frank’s friends.

  15. MaryFilipina

    Can I just say, and please don’t judge me, that after getting to know Frank since I first discovered this comic that I now understand Harley’s obsession with Joker and his madness? Frank, may I call you Mistah F from now on?